Glo Data Plan and How to Subscribe – 2017 Update

Glo has recently updated that data plan, we are going to look at the newly GLO data plan and How to subscribe for it. As you already known the internet is now one of the thing so many of us can’t do without these days. 55% businesses are currently on the internet. This has increased data usage.

Glo data plan 2017 update

Glo is one of largest data providing network in Nigeria due to the affordability of it dates. However GLO has recently updated their data plan making 4g and 3g work together. This mean your 3G sub will work as 4G if used on 4G phone of model.

Before now  Glo use to have the most affordable data plan, but not after their recent data plan update.

Glo data plan rate before now.
Before now glo data was N500 – 1.6gb. N1000 – 3.2gb. N2000 – 7.5gb. 2500 – 10gb.

Glo Data Plan and How to Subscribe – 2017 Update

Glo Latest Updated Data Plan 2017 and How to Subscribe for any plan of you choice,  see below.

N50 for 15Mb – 1 day.  to subscribe dial  *127*14#

N100 for  35MB – 1 day, to subscribe dial *127*51#

N200 for 100MB – 5 days, to subscribe dial *127*56#

N500 for 800MB – 10 days, to subscribe dial

N1,000 for 1.6GB – 1 month, to subscribe dial *127*53#

N2,000 for 3.75GB1 month, to subscribe dial *127*55#

N2,500 for 5GB – 1 month, to subscribe dial *127*58#

N3,000 for 6GB – 1 month, to subscribe dial *127*54#

N4,000 for 8GB – 1 month, to subscribe dial *127*59#

N5,000 for 12GB – 1 month, to subscribe dial *127*2#

N8,000 for 16GB – 1 month, to subscribe dial

N10,000 for 23GB – 1 month, to subscribe dial *127*11#

N15,000 for 30GB – month, to subscribe dial  *127*12#

N18,000 for 45GB – 1 month, to subscribe dial  *127*13#

These are the current glo updated Data plan that was released May 2017 and currently still on till this time.

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