Gionee M5 Touch pad and Screen Price and Place to Change in Nigeria

gionee m5 broken screen

Hello friends on this article i want to share with you how you can have your Gionee M5 and M5 plus screen or touchpad changed when broken. As you already known the gionee m5 is one of the most popular phone in Nigeria as we speak over 4000 Nigerians uses this phone and it really one of the best android phone one can think of right now due to battery ability and many more features.

gionee m5 broken screen

How to Change Gionee m5 and m5 plus touch pad and screen in Nigeria

If you are using any android phone it’s advisable to have a tempered class put on the face of the phone so when it fall it will not have to affect the touch pad or hit directly to the screen.

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On this article i just wish to share with you how my friend has it own replaced recently. I can’t tell what area of the phone is broken even as you can see that there is a break on it. Sometime ago, i though when your m5 touchpad get break you won’t have to worry much as it could be replace easily. I discovered that it wasn’t as i was thinking just recently.

To make this clear to you, be it that your gionee phone m5 touched pad or the screen that got broken you must still going to spend lot of money. But why? the screen and touch-pad of Gionee m5 is joined together and cannot be sepperated. This is to say if even only the touch pad get break, you will need to change both the touchpad and the screen. To have this done you to follow the steps below.

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To change your gionee m5 and m5 plus, you needed to visit the nearest Gionee office in your location. Tell them about your intention to have your touch pad/screen changed.

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Cost of Changing Gionee m5 and m5 plus in Nigeria

If you have a broken screen or broken touch pad of Gionee m5 the cost of changing it is N23,100 naira.

If you are using the gionee m5 plus, and you manage to break the screen, you will have to change both the screen touch pad and the screen together. The cost is N34,400.  Take note that there is a fake one of it, that is why you need to go directly to Gionee office to have it change there.

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