Get N4000 worth of airtime on your Etisalat free

Want to get some goodies on your etisalat free? I’ve got good news for all Etisalat subscribers. sorry it’s coming rather late but I wanted to confirm its possibility before posting it to our lovely fans like you reading this now 😀

Etisalat freeAlthough this offer is strictly for old users i.e All abandoned SIMs…

This will only work if you haven’t had your Etisalat SIM in a phone for a whole 30 days!

How to get N4000 worth of airtime on your Etisalat free

How does it work? OK, here’s a simple procedure on how to get it done.

Pick up your old Etisalat SIM from where ever it has been laying helpless, insert it into a phone,  recharge and boom! you’re ON simple huh? of course…

But then here’s the deal,

A recharge of hundred naira (N100) for the second month, gives you N2000 worth of airtime (N500 for calls + N1500 for browsing), where as you receive N4000 on recharge of two hundred naira (N200) for the first month (N1000 for calls + N3000 for browsing).

Note: It is specifically for SIMs that hasn’t been inserted into a phone for 30days.

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