Where to Get The Most Affordable Lands in Abuja

On this article i want to we want to show you where you can get cheap and affordable lands in Abuja. As a Land Surveyor and Geomatician/blogger, i cannot stress the value and importance land and housing is to the average in the country Nigerian. The basic needs of man is categorized into food, work and shelter.

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You must have known that everyone in Nigeria is presently feeling the “change” mantra of the current administration, housing is now an albatross on the necks of average Nigerians. Alas, there is hope!

Where To Buy Cheap And Affordable Lands In Abuja

You might not be able to afford buying a plot of land in highbrow areas like Wuse, Maitama or Asokoro but there is an area in Abuja where people are beginning to discover, and land is still very cheap at this location. People has begin to buy and build their houses at a reasonable price. This place is called BWARI. Lands are very much more affordable in the community, and it the only place you can get affordable lands in Abuja for now.


Bwari is a town in Abuja, Nigeria. The original inhabitants are called Gbagyi’s. They are very friendly and love to meet new people, and development is one thing they believe and has accepted with both hand.

The Local Government Council is located inside Bwari the town, just beside Jamb office in Bwari. They are in charge of Land matters as well as other constitutional duties in Bwari.


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Now, the land issue. There are some new and old layouts in Bwari. In an area called Ushafa, you can get a plot of land 700sqm for 3.5-4million naira. Quite expensive you will say, but ushafa has one of the most well planned layouts in Bwari,very good road network and the area is buildable. The next best thing are some new layouts in what is called, New Jigo, New Pwambara And Peyi Extension 2. These layouts are just by the road and easily assessible. The catch here is that these new layouts will be habitable as from 5months from now. It takes foresight to see the future in this layouts. Whats more,  they are government allocations, thus, they are well planned and affordable. All this layouts are just opposite the the village of Jigo,Pwambara and Peyi. Each plot goes for 750,000-900,000 naira per plot. The size of each plot are between 700-800sqm for residential( meaning plots designed solely for living quarters) and between 1000-3000sqm for commercial purposes.( areas solely for offical use or building of schools). The commercial plots cost between 2million-10million depending on size.

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Cost of building materials in Bwari is low as compared to other places in Abuja. A bag of cement cost 1500 naira as at 1st of september 2016. Building materials like sharpsand,gravel, and the likes are relatively low. Cost of labour too is low and negotiable.

So, if u want to buy cheap and affordable land in Abuja, Bwari is your best bet!




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