Five importance of having a British Passport

Welcome to many of us own British Passport but we don’t know there are specific things we can use it for when we have the passport with us.

Things you can do with the British Passport when you have it.

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Passports are issued using royal entitlement, which are exercised by Her Majesty’s Government. The British resident travel papers or passport are being issued by Her Majesty’s Passport Office in the United Kingdom since 2006 which makes the British citizen use their passport as an evidence of right of abode in the United Kingdom and also as an European Union and ever since 2006 passports issued at United Kingdom have been biometric.
The British passport or travelling document is usually rated as the first in the world (tied with Swedish and Finnish passports) in terms of freedom of travel, as it offers visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 173 countries and territories, more than any other passport.

Free Medical Care:
The United Kingdom National Health Service began in 1948 which is over 69 years, and is one of the largest organizations in Europe. It provides all UK residents with free healthcare and treatment and the fact that you own a British Passport entitles you to it.

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Eligibility of getting a job:
With a British passport denoting you being a British citizen you are allowed to stay in the UK as long as you want and you may work or get a job of your choice throughout the European Union. And since you will be working there you must get a work permit because you are eligible to apply for a job with your passport.
In Addition to this, you should know that there are jobs reserved only for UK citizens, in or outside the United Kingdom, so you should have a UK passport which makes you eligible to get a job of any type.

Accessibility to stable society and economy:
The United Kingdom Currency Pound is a fairly strong and reliable currency and the UK economy is quite resilient even in a period of world financial crisis. The UK economy now has a stable government and a moderate population which makes life easier.

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No longer subjects to immigration controls:
Having a British Passport means you no longer become subjects to immigration controls. Do not be distracted by certain agencies or websites who pretend that they can get you a British Passport.
In fact, they absolutely cannot speed up the process for you. You should just apply directly with the UK government’s Identity and Passport Service (IPS), as the process is not difficult. All citizens (aged 16 and over) applying for a passport for the first time must attend an interview with IPS in person to confirm their identity.

No Lost or Damaged Documents:
When traveling with vital documents such as birth certificates, you are always at risk of losing or damaging the documents while on your trip. With a British passport, the documents can remain at home in a safe place. This gives peace of mind, knowing that you will not have to go through the hassles of replacing lost or damaged documents upon your return, which is another benefit of having a U.K passport.

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Knowing the steps to getting a British Passport, with the above-mentioned benefits, we can see that its quite interesting to own a British passport. The word that says “Your passport is the most valuable possession.” You could ever have and to see countries that have which levels of freedom to travel.

For a visa to non-European Union countries it does not make much difference. In general, the Australian and the UK passport holders are granted the same or similar travel rights. You should check on the IATA (The International Air Transport Association) database which is provided by aircraft companies so that passengers may check their travel document requirements.
Why not walk up to the embassy today to get your British Passport and see what benefit your British Passport gives you.

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