Facebook Founder Visit to Nigeria: What You Need to Learn From His Visit

Below is what we learned from Facebook Founder visit to Nigeria. Facebook is the No1 worldwide used social media, facebook is been used worldwide and ranking second (2nd) must visited website worldwide. The facebook founder Mark Zukerberg was born 1984 and rated the 5th wealth richest man worldwide.

On Tuesday 30th August 2016 the facebook founder Mark Zukerberg visited Nigeria for the first time being that Nigeria is one of the most used and active country on facebook.

On the facebook founder visit to Nigeria, every intelligent person should have something to keep hold about his lifestyle, and informationhood has something to say about him.

On his visit to Nigeria, informationhood notice and learned something very important about his lifestyle displayed, in which every growing person should learned and put to practice, most especially Nigerians.

What we notice about the Facebook Founder visit to Nigeria

1. Simple Life. We notice the facebook founder is a very simple personnel living a very simple and easy life. The facebook founder who is the 5th richest man on earth came to Nigeria with the simplest dress of just polo top and blue jean with sneakers and was seen taking photos with everyone and even seen walking in Lagos street with leg. This is something Nigerian rich men has never done before, Nigerian rich men would be on their heavy tinted jeep with military going along with them. We knew there is a saying that an empty drum made the loudest noise, and the facebook founder Just demonstrated a simple life everyone need to practice. So it time to avoid an empty drum life and live a simple life even if you are the richest.

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Facebook Founder visit to Nigeria photo 1 Facebook Founder visit to Nigeria photo 3

Facebook Founder visit to Nigeria photo 2

2. Appreciation. The facebook founder Mark Zukerberg travel all the way from USA to Nigeria just to say thank you Nigerians over you dedicated interest for my platform facebook.com. This alone shows that he is someone who appreciate every good thing even if it for others own benefit. With the clear seen evidence that facebook is for the benefit of the users he still appreciated the activeness of the Country, and came to say thanks.


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3. Business Added Value. Facebook founder demonstrated the value of business on his visit to Nigeria. Did you know how popular facebook has become because of his visit to Nigeria? All Nigeria news TV channels and online bloggers, magazin’s and even CNN reported his visit to Nigeria, how amazing, the platform has added 30% population with just his visit to Nigeria. This is an added value bonus every business man must take hold of.

Self Popularity. Do you know many of us did’t know how the owner of facebook look like till his visit to Nigeria? His visit to Nigeria has made him self-popular, most of us now know him by his photo because every one want to see hes visit either by photo of video. Some persons will tell you, i don’t like such life, but the truth remain it the best, is it not better to be known than live and die without been known?.

This is what we learned from Facebook founder visit to Nigeria.

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