What Does the Colour of your Car Exhaust Smoke/fumes mean?

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colour of car fumes

On these article we are going to give you more lite on your Colour of car fumes, you going to learn what every single smoke actually means. On thing is to have a car and the other is to manage and maintain it proper in other to enjoy it. maintenance of a car doesn’t have limitation to it understanding, the earlier you understand how things work in your car is the best.

Though all cars are not the same but when it come to an area of smoke color, the problem is always assured similar. In case you haven’t been taking note of your car smoke color, then it time to start taking proper note of it as it tells a lot about your vehicle lifespan and it some cases what need to be done. According to freeasestudyguides most of heavy smoke are always considered abnormal and can be diagnose easy from it color.

Autoguide also mentioned that Any color of smoke coming from your car’s exhaust pipe is a simple sign that your car is in distress. It was advice to pay good attention to what it needs to ensure more miles for your vehicle. Without further waste of time let’s have a look at some color of smokes and their meaning or what they are telling about our cars. Informationhood brings you different ways to know identify various issues about your car using car fumes.

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colour of car fumes

Depending on the car distress at the time tells the Colour the car fumes that will be produced, Some cars produce black smoke, white smoke, blue smoke and the rest. Categorised below are some colours of car fumes and what each of then means.

Colour of car fumes meaning

1. Black smoke

If you have taking a good observation you would note that the most common type of exhaust smoke by cars seen on our roads today is black smoke. wondering what it means? black smoke is indicative of a rich fuel condition caused by a leaking or dripping fuel injector, a stuck closed fuel pressure regulator or a restricted fuel return.

How to Solve Black Smoke in Your Car

You can run scan on your car to detect the major cause and let the expert handle the repair process to bring your vehicle back to it normal state. We were made to understand that all of the vehicles built after 1996 is equipped with an inbuilt computer that runs on a common base system called OBD2 (on board diagnostics) which is more uniform and easier to use than its predecessor OBD1. The reason is that when your vehicle hit some point of malfunction then the computer can easily identify this problem by producing a trouble code.

These code can be easily read and understand by any body who have it good knowledge e.g autos diagnostics. Even you by yourself can run a scan on your vehicle and get it trouble diagnose. Autos scan are not much expensive and can easily get it on amazon. To learn how to scan your car by yourself you can check out ENGINE LIGHT SCAN GUIDE AND VIDEO by 2carpros

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colour of car fumes

2. Blue/Grey smoke

This is an indication of oil burning in the combustion chamber. It can either be caused by a leaking valve, worn or damaged piston rings, worn out cylinders and or a stuck closed PCV valve.


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How to Solve Blue/Grey Smoke in Your Vehicle

To solve he problem of Blue smoke in your vehicle you need to check on the above mentioned causes, you are going to find one of them in abnormal state. All you need to do is fix it and have a proper check on the other mentioned areas, and if there is any it time you fix it. Blue smoke should not be a heavy cause for alerm but it better to have it fix ealy enough in other not to develope other problem. You can have expert have it check for you.colour of car exhust fumes

3. White/Grey smoke

A white/gray smoke is an indication that the coolant is burning in the combustion chamber. This is caused by either a crack in the cylinder head, a crack in the deck of an engine block near the coolant jacket and or a damaged or blown-out gasket head.

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colour of car fumes when the smoke is heavy


BLACK SMOKE: if your car emits black smoke, take your car to the garage to check the fuel injection system and any faulty sensor. Also, it might be that the air filter needs to be changed. A dirty air filter leads to insufficient levels of air thereby causing the air/fuel mixture to be too rich in fuel.


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BLUE/GREY SMOKE: If your car emits blue or grey smoke, it is a bad indicator that oil is burning in your engine. Take the car to the garage for inspection. If you have used low quality engine oil, then the oil needs to be changed. It is either the oil is too viscous or too diluted. Defective pistons needs to be changed because they can cause oil to get to the combustion chamber and burn.

WHITE/GREYSMOKE: if your car emits white smoke on a cold morning, it is perfectly normal. If the car emits white smoke all the time, even when the engine is hot, then there is a leak in the head of the gasket. The gasket head is cracked or worn causing water to penetrate into the cylinders. Firat check the coolant level of the vechicle and visit a mechanic as soon as possible.

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