China Launches Sky Train

China has launched it sky train. China’s first sky train came off the assembly line in the city of Nanjing, making it third country after Germany and Japan to develop the technology.

China Skytrain

China is the third country to invent this lovely technology that move faster without hold up.

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China Skytrain launched

Benefits of skytrain

  1. Little to no access to the guideway by shortcutting pedestrians, vandals or terrorists.
  2. Reduces noise and vibration to neighbouring properties.
  3. No crossing risk associated death and injury claims.
  4. No delays for road traffic.
  5. The land under the guideway and stations can be used for trails, bike paths or commercial uses.
  6. SkyTrain does not stop for labour issues. 6) Little chance of a rider’s death and injury due to the physical or mental impairment of a driver.
  7. The obvious economies of scale of using existing trains, computers, maintenance yards, parts and staff and their training.
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Inside China Skytrain

Restroom in china sky trian

This is a great means of transport and more comfortable seat and nice restroom with amazing interior from the look of inside.

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