Where to Buy Palm Oil in Large Quantity in Nigeria

Palm oil is one of the most used oil in Nigeria, it well recommended for when it comes to health. Palm oil is widely recognized but mostly popular in some African countries. It is used for producing so many things, foods and more.

Where to Buy Palm Oil in Large Quantity in Nigeria 

On this article we won’t talk much on what it’s used for and how to use it which we highly believe you have your need before seeking to buy. We aimed to show you where you can buy palm oil in bulk in Nigeria.

Though Nigeria is well-recognized  as the largest palm oil-producing country in Africa doesn’t mean palm oil is produced every city or state of Nigeria. The fact remains that some people in Nigeria doesn’t know how palm tree looks like, they are not to be blame, it all because it’s not commonly seen in their cities. This is to say in order to get palm oil in large quantity there are some cities you need to visit or you meet with top dealers.

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States And Cities To Buy Palm Oil In Nigeria

The largest state known for palm oil production is Delta State and Edo State. This is one of the huge money splitting resource they have over there. Regions that you can get palm oil in Bulk in Delta State is

  1. Isoko
  2. Urhobo
  3. Ukwale

This is the top cities you can buy palm oil from in Delta state. Isoko has been known for palm oil production. If you are in need of palm oil in Large quantity in Nigeria then you can consider visiting some of this mentioned communities. Though there are other states and cities that as well produce palm oil, the above list comes as the cities where you can get a huge amount of palm oil. From our research they came out as the best.

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For the sake of some palm oil bulk buyers and companies whom are interested in buying palm oil in large quantity but can’t go to this listed cities due to distance or personal reasons known to you alone. We decided to sponsor dealers whom we find trustworthy and reliable on palm oil business. Informatioonhood is now part of the business, our certified dealers go on the mentioned communities to buy palm oil from local producers and distribute to companies and wholesalers on contract basics. Currently informationhood is in cooperation with already known top dealers to take palm oil business in Nigeria to the highest level, this is to say this website informationhood is a sponsor and in joint business of the palm oil business which enable us bring groups of already palm oil dealers together working for informationhood palm oil market.

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If you are looking to buy palm oil in a large quantity in Nigeria then we are here to carry the contract and help you archive your goal. Our dealers in the business will get you the best and original palm oil directly from local producers from villages, and we are capable of supplying any quantity you or your company require in an appropriate time. We do supply to all location’s in Nigeria or outside Nigeria.

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Dealer Name: Mr Serome Daniel

Address: 09 Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Bolade Bus Stop Oshodi Lagos

Phone No: 08059844173, 09055454883

Email: support@informationhood.com

This is the best information we are able to gather on this article. Note that the best palm oil is of that which you get direct from local buyers in the village. As a professional dealers you should be able to know when palm oil has been mixed and original. It’s 99% sure that you will get original oil from the villages of the mentioned cities. If you let us handle your contact to be your supplier then you are 100% sure of getting original palm oil and in addition the best quality palm oil because all our dealers are professionals o this field. Use the above contact to reach us. If you have question, suggestion or more regarding this article then use the comment box below.


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