How to Buy Airtime With Zenith Bank Mobile App in Nigeria

Are you in need of urgent call that couldn’t wait till you get to recharge card shop? Then why not buy airtime from your Zenith bank account easily using the zenith bank mobile app?.how to Buy Airtime With Zenith Bank mobile App

I love the zenith bank mobile app because it has been so helpful to me doing so many things you can’t believe, especially buying airtime in most cases
when i am too busy to go out there to get recharge, all i do i just make use of my zenith mobile app to buy airtime. It also good to know that with the zenith bank account you can pay TV subscription send money e.t.c, the app is really amazing.

To proceed you must have an active account with zenith bank to be able to enjoy this app.

If you have zenith bank account already then you definitely need to visit you google store to download the zenith bank app.

After downloading it, you need to configure you zenith bank app to start working, the process of configuration is easy, and doesn’t take much time, just follow the instruction to complete you configuration and get it start working.

To Buy Airtime With Zenith Bank Mobile App

  • Make sure your phone is connected to the internet
  • Go to your zenith bank app on your phone and login to your Zenith Bank account number and the password your created while configuring the zenith bank app.
  • After login click on the menu at your left hand side
  • Select ” Buy Airtime “
  • Select the account to use
  • Enter the phone number you want to recharge
  • Enter the amount of airtime you wish to purchase
  • Click ” Go
  • A popup will appear requiring your to confirm the transaction by putting your 4 digit secret code that was use configuring your zenith bank mobile app at the first time.
  • Put the 4 digit code and click ” Enter
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Immediately the airtime amount purchased will be delivered on your phone account. Zenith bank will also send you confirmation of successful transaction and also a message that contains you new account balance after purchased.


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Note: You should be careful typing the amount while purchasing airtime because any airtime purchased with your zenith bank account will not be reversed. This has happen to me when i wanted to buy #200 airtime, i then mistakenly type #2,000. It was sad when zenith bank told that there is nothing that could be done.

This is the complete process on how to buy airtime with Zenith bank app

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