How to Borrow Airtime on 9mobile and Pay Back Later

The process to borrow airtime on 9mobile and pay back later is easy, and it all without stress. On this post you will find the code which you can use to borrow airtime on 9mobile.

How to borrow airtime on 9mobileBorrow airtime and pay back later was introduced in 2016. This process allows one to borrow airtime popularly called credit, and pay back when next the person recharge his/her sim card.

It was introduced in order to help people when they are stranded or in a condition when they won’t be able to get airtime. Although there are more ways to recharge your line without having to borrow these days.

Benefit of borrowing airtime from 9mobile

  • To make immediate call
  • It help when you are stranded
  • It help when you are in a location you can purchase airtime either online or offline
  • It help prevent going out to look for outlet
  • It solve the problem of urgent calls
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9mobile didn’t just let you borrow airtime only but access to borrowing data as well. If you run out of data unexpectedly when you still have need for it and can’t purchase data, all you need to do is just borrow data from 9mobile and pay back later. The process is still very easy.

How to Borrow Airtime on 9mobile and Pay Back Later

To borrow airtime from 9mobile Dial *665*amount#, for example *665*100# to borrow N100 airtime or text amount to 665, e.g Text 100 to 665 to borrow N100 Naira.

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Note that you will be charge 15% of every amount borrowed as the 9mobile borrow service charges, this is to say you will be credited with N85 when you borrow N100.

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How to check if you are allowed to borrow airtime on 9mobile?

Sim that has not been on the network for long are not allowed to use the Borrow credit service.  To check if you are eligible to use the service, dial Dial *665*3# or text STATUS to 665.

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