The Benefit of Creating Time as a Wife and a Single Mum

We just work, work and work without creating a “ME TIME” or taking a break to rest when is natural for us as wives to neglect ourselves and just focus on the family, we allow the stress of caring for the kids and our husbands to deprive us of our own life.

Some husbands don’t care that much about their wives as a person but care’s so much about her role as a wife.

The Word Of God
The heart of men is full of evil and entitled to destruction, except for those whose heart is for God. Check your ways now.

Once they see their wives playing her role as a wife, they believe that she is very comfortable.

The only thing the men expects from we women is to care about their homes, prepare their meals, care for their kids, make sure their house is clean, make sure their dresses are cleaned and ironed also,  and we also focus on their health physically, emotionally and mentally but most of the men careless about their wives. In this article am going to discuss and to point out some steps on how to have A ME TIME as a wife and a single mum.

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 The Benefit of Creating TIME as a Wife and a Single Mum

For you to function well as a wife, you need to create time for yourself, even if it’s just 2hrs in a month. Have it to yourself, don’t allow your life pass you by.

Reduce Stress

Step 1. Having a me time, will take stress and worry away, it gives you time to think only about yourself thinking about yourself that does not make you an uncaring wife or mum, it help you to develop some areas in your life where you have fallen behind, it will give you time to see the world outside your immediate environment.

You alone

Step 2. During your me time, let it be all about you yep alone, give yourself a treat, save towards it, it might not be much but do something nice for yourself, it will bring life back into you.

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Hang out with friends

Step 3.You can use your “me time” to hang out with good friends, but don’t stay out late and do not go out at night  because that will bring wahala. or if you love reading look for a quiet place and read, you can even go shopping, chat with new faces, you can even go to the church and talk with God only about you, have fun, just be a child for that period but don’t abuse it.

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Let your husband know

Step 4. To make it perfect, do it well your kids and your husband are not around an also let your husband know where you are going to and with whom. When leaving the house, make sure your phone battery is full charged so he can reach you at any time, prepare his food and keep in the warmer so he won’t say, you left without thinking about food for him and the kids. Most importantly don’t stay out too late.

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Advice: Let the whole house know the day and time but before you choose your me time, please discuss it with your husband do not say i read a post on that is why i try it out and let him know the importance of you having that moment to yourself. Let him know  that it will help you do better than what you are doing now.

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