Apple Macbook Charger in Nigeria: Price and Where to Buy

Original apple macbook charger

On this article I want to share with you some helpful ideas regarding apple macbook laptop chargers. If you have apple macbook laptop and your charger is bad then there us no doubt that you are going to need new one.

Apple macbook chargers cannot be seen on every accessories shop therefore it important to know which shop you can check on and how much it will cost to buy it.  You also know that apple laptop products are expensive, so how much can I get apple macbook laptop charger in Nigeria?

Price and Where to Buy Apple Macbook Charger in Nigeria

Here is a guide to follow. Apple macbook charger cost about 15,000 to 20,000 naira in Nigeria however we have apple macbook charger at wholesale price of 12,000 Naira.

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How to Know Original Apple Macbook Charger

There is an original apple macbook charger and a fake China product as of it which I will like to show you. The difference is very obvious and easy to recognise. The apple macbook charger is white and hardly find any other color. So let’s get serious, when you ate about buying apple laptop look for this originality on it.

The original Apple Macbook pro or macbook charger or macbook air charger has the apple logo crested on the charger pronouncedly but fake doesn’t have it. Check the photos below.


Fake original

Fake Apple Macbook Charger

The above charger is the fake apple charger. As you can see, there is no apple logo on it. When we said it fake charger it means it can charge your laptop but may not charge fast, make battery last and may get spoiled faster beyond imagination. The fake is cheaper than the original but it not something you will want to go for.

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Original apple macbook charger

Original apple macbook charger

As you can see on the picture, this is the original Apple macbook charger. If you take absolute look at the pix you will notice this one has the Apple logo crested on the charger. This logo is on the both side of the charger. This one is more expensive and charge your laptop battery faster and stronger. It last long and not afraid of light frustration.

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Where to buy apple macbook charger in Nigeria?

There are so many shops you can buy this charger from. You can buy online on jumia but it expensive. However you can buy from Sero Computer Accessories Shop, it cheaper, original and deliver to your door step if you are in Mainland Lagos State.  For people in other state or Lagos island, you are required to come to the shop to get it or send someone to help you buy it and send it to you through waybill or transportation coming to your location.

To order call: 08059844173

Address: 09 Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Bolade Bus Stop Oshodi, Lagos State, Nigeria.

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