About bioclair and what it does

This is complete information about bioclair cream and what it does to the body

The truth is that ‘bioclair’ is a bleaching cream, which does react immediately.
This body creams is very harsh or we said to the body, according to the skin type. You will start noticing changes on your skin within the first 48hours of using bioclair.


This cream is well know in Nigeria and seem to be very popular also, you can find it on any local shop or super markets in Nigeria without any stress. This body cream claims to be body lightning cream, and to be sincere the cream work great according to it promise.

the first uncomfortable part of bioclair is the heat area which generate immediate sweat after robbing it. If you have a daily business with sun then robbing this body cream will cause you a lot of sweat which will cause you to be uncomfortable. the only comfortable moment of robbing bioclair is if have no heavy daily duties to Cary out or you are going to be on air condition for the whole day.

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According to informationhood experience with this body cream we notice sweating makes bioclair works faster, this means staying on air condition will delay the effectiveness of bioclair to your skin.

The fact remain that this cream work effectively lightning your skin color in a very short period, we also wish to inform you that this creams is a bleaching cream and it not advisable to robe bleaching creams, but if you insist of getting your color change by bleaching then you can give this cream a try.

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Bioclair cream lightness fade too soon if stop using it. You will notice that after stop using bioclair for 2-3 months the lightness which it has given you will become fade, then your skin won’t look too good, it doesn’t end there, if still don’t use it up to 5 months later then your color will totally go beyond imagination even more than how your natural color was, this means your color will go more darker than it was before.

Robing bleaching creams is not advisable as such creams can cause damages to the body, and this seem to be unGodly as the bible said our body is the temple of God.

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