How to Travel From Lagos to Calabar: A Traveler Guide

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The capital city of Cross River State is Calabar and older name for Calabar is Akwa Akpa and the source was from Efik language. They also refer to it as the Canaan city. The city is an industrious and beautiful city and because of this, many people tend to travel in order to change pace.

How to Travel From Lagos to Calabar: A Traveler Guide

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Calabar city is also the centre of tourism in Nigeria and the city has divisions. These divisions are into Calabar South and Calabar Municipal and this is for purposes of administration. The components of the city are: Ikot Ansa, Akin, Ikot Ishie, Biase, Obuteng, Ikot Omin. Location of the city has strategic locations that has access towards the South Atlantic .

Tourism and Trade In Calabar

The closeness to the ocean makes it a centre for trading activities. There are also many beaches in the city and also many tourist attractions.

The greatest among the tourist attractions is the Carnival and this has recognition internationally as a cultural festival annually. This festival begins from the middle of December with ending on the eve of the New Year.

Carnivals make the city a place to tour on Christmas and the rest of the attractions are made up of Tinapa Business, Kwa Falls, Calabar Golf Club and the rest.

Routes To Calabar

Going from Lagos to Calabar involves taking 2 routes. Going through Sagamu-Benin Expressway and connecting to Kastina Ala Calabar Road with a distance of 966km.

You may also connect to Shagamu-Benin Expressway across Ikot Ekpene, Onitsha and to Calabar. There will also be possible congestion during Easter periods and this is because of many travellers who proceed to the city for spending their holidays.

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Choosing Your Calabar Bus

Many companies have many parks and some of them include discounts for students and children, shows involving buses and travellers gifts. There are certain things to consider before you book your ticket from Lagos city to the city of Calabar.

  • The first thing you have to consider is your budget. Pick the company with your affordable price
  • You are also advised to go with a company that is close to your residence
  • The route of the bus is also another factor. The 2 main routes for going to Calabar are through Kastina Ala Calabar Road and the Shagamu Benin Expressway. Check and go for the route that is more suitable for you
  • The benefits of the bus are also necessary. You have to check certain services like complimentary lunch, available movies and so on. Many companies offer these services.
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Calabar Buses In Lagos

Many companies move from Lagos to Calabar and this is on a daily basis.

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Peace Mass Transit

The location at Ojuelegba Terminal. Average price for this is N4000 and you can get this company at 9/10 Avenue (Western), Roundabout ( Ojuelegba), Opposite Barracks (Abalti), Lagos. Their phone number is 08055091827. There is also availability for offline booking. The bus prices tends to increase during times of festivals like Christmas and Easter.

What Time Does It Take To Travel From Lagos To Calabar?

It is a 15 hour journey to travel from Calabar through Benin Expressway and then connect to other road and this other road is the Kastina Ala Calabar Road and the distance is 966km.

Nevertheless going through the Shagamu Benin Expressway takes a travel time of up to 12 hours and it is preferable to take shorter routes unless for some other reasons.

Make enquiries before proceeding. Time also has influence on your travel time. Analysis shows that the journey is longer during periods of festivity and this is due to increasing check points of police and also the traffic in such periods.

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Again the journey tends to slow down in the rainy reason and this is because of the road erosion and inefficient visibility when raining takes place.

Packing For Your Lagos To Calabar Trip

Do a thorough packing for this journe and it is necessary to do a light packing and not a packing that is too bulky. Many of the transporters charge an extra for luggage’s that are heavy.

Also consider the fact that there is more flexible movement with lighter luggages and this is especially when you get off.
However if your luggage is much, then you can forward them separately as a waybill and it is preferable for you to go with a bag that contains what you often use.

Snacks and other eatables can be useful and know that this journey is long and the vehicle may stop efficiently to enable you buy what to eat.

Where You Can Stop And Buy Food In Calabar?

There are many options for food and if you are going through a route that is longer, the stops are in the following locations:

a) Benin

Benin city is normally the first location for stopping when making the journey and Benin gives you a kind of taste that is different from the meat and jollof rice. Many kinds of meat are available.

b) Uyo

You will observe that you are coming to the end of the journey. Use the opportunity for tasting the dishes available in the city and such dishes are the Afang soup and this is popular and cultural.

There are other stops like Abakiliki, Asaba, Aba, Onitsha. The cities give you a particular number of delicacies of Igbo extraction. Many transport firms operate with a route that is different. Pack many snacks for this journey.

Other Tips For The Travelling To Calabar

  • You can go with a sleep mask.
  • Do go with items that are compatible during police checks.
  • Go with some form of entertainment. This will help you forget the distance of this journey.
  • Go with your power bank if you have any and charge your phone for communication.
  • Ask the driver to know your closest place to go off.
  • Stretch your hind limbs properly at each stop.
  • Make your journey a comfortable one. Calabar is a tourist centre in Nigeria.
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Places You Can Visit In Calabar

a) Cross River State Annual Christmas Festival

This festival brings visitors both from within and outside Nigeria. International and local artists perform the music and this include the shows of fashion, boat regatta, the Christmas Village and traditional dances. The annual Ekpe Festival is an annual event.

b) Tinapa

Here is another place to visit and this resembles the universal studios. They offer shopping complexes and distribution elements that are integrated. This also include elements of product distribution and facilities for entertainment.

c) Calabar Museum

This place of tourism has locations at the waterfront and the location is at the Old Government House. Its building was shipped into Nigeria and this was after the design in Glasgow. This Museum emphasizes on Calabar history.

d) The Marina Resort

This is another place of tourism. It shows many historical attributes of the city.

e) Watt and Marian market

Here is a place where you can take many things. Calabar being a trading centre features many products.


There are many places to visit in the city for many purposes. Calabar is a tourist centre in Nigeria with many visitors coming from both within and outside Nigeria.

This article tells you how you can travel from Lagos to Calabar by road. You can use our comment box which is at your freedom for any questions.

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