Beautiful Ladies Hair Styles For in Nigeria

Welcome to, we are in a season where it is most times cold as a result of the rain you need the kind of hairstyles to protect your hair and ensure they dont break, here is a good option. do enjoy!!

Protected Hairstyles You Could Make

The major reason for making protective hairstyles is to protect it from environmental factors in either summer or winter. To support your hair growth and retain your hair without breakage and keep nourishing your hair thereby keeping your frequent style look good as every woman wants to be able to flip her hair around. And wouldn’t it be fun to pull your hair and show off its length to a long line of teeming admirers? Since every woman wants this here are beautiful and protective hair styles you could make at during summer and winter:


1. Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are easy but might be a little difficult to fix and keep up. They likewise wrap your hair and ensure your edges are safe. You can have them in for up to a month and a half if you take great care of them by moisturizing it consistently. It’s additionally vital to be watchful when taking them out or losing to avoid them from harming your hair.

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2. Faux Locs

Faux Locs ensure your hair by wrapping it decent and tight. Your hair is protected from the components and you don’t need to brush or brush your hair while you have them on. This enhances your hair development since it stops breakage of your hair strands. This additionally enables your hair to hold truly much moisture and dampness in it. This self-protective hairdo also looks incredible so you don’t need to do much work in looking great. Regardless of whether genuine or false fact about faux locs many ladies make locs and have really loved it overtime. Like the “Goddess Faux Locs is a human hair, which is light than the normal locs and have a free wavy end. The procedure is not quite the same as making the general faux locs that are customarily made with synthetic hair.

3. Twists of Different kinds

Different kinds of twist like; the Senegalese twists, Marley twist, Havana twist and many more. First of all, the names given to the assortment of twists are frequently used to portray the kind of hair made or used, size of the turns or techniques used in fixing them. Getting the simple style twist and knowing which type you want to make also matters to give the correct look bearing in mind that no twist or style is superior to the other depending on your choice and how well you maintain the hairdo to keep your hair nourished all the time.

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4. Corn rows

Great and stylish Corn Rows are fabulous as a protective hairdo since they’re very simple to make. They likewise shield the closures of your hair and the scalp from splitting or being harmed from subsequent male pattern baldness and more development maintenance. You can likewise choose to toss a wig on them if you need an alternate look.

5. Braids

Braids might be a Feed-In Braids, box braids or crochet braids, braids or plaits can also be called undetectable plaits are not quite the same as normal the cornrows with extensions since they don’t have a knot towards the beginning of the braid and looks more common unique. This strategy is a more healthier braid alternative since it enables the hair to develop normally, without the pressure, strain, breakage and weight caused by the knot. It drastically reduce part of hair breakage and male pattern baldness when done perfectly. When it comes to braid, think about two guidelines. Keep your edges hydrated, oiled, and saturated and keep the pressure of the knot at the very least.

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Consider this hair styles during the warmest season of the year and your hair will be protected.

More hair styles coming below.


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