3 Best Websites Speed Checking Tools – How fast is Your Website?

Websites Speed Testers, Hi my Daniel, welcome to informationhood online magazine is from Nigeria. On this article we want to bring to you list of tools you can use to check your website speed, titled 3 best websites speed checking tools.

Over the years you must have understood the development going on specially in the womb of technology, years back accessing the internet was not as easy as it is now and have never been easy because then was lacking the new implemented experiencing technology. In this modern days, if you are a website or blog owner and you don’t care about your website speed then you are doing it all wrong. There is every reason to be worried and caution of your website or blog speed.

If you haven’t heard before or have but forgotten or not taking serious, we are telling you again that website speed mater a lot to search engines and your visitors also. Don’t mind those people telling you it dons’t mean, it mean my dear because a website without visitors or users is as good as dead. Why you should care is because there are other websites or blogs who are offering same service you offer out there and one your visitors get tired of waiting for your website to load they will move a head check for their solution somewhere else.

There so are many reasons that can make a website load slow and lazy, some of them will be looking on our next article, but on this post will want to look straight to tools which we can use to check our website loading time, to check the speed in different locations.

3 Best Websites Speed Checking Tools

1. PageSpeed by google Websites Speed Checking Tool


This is the best free website tool checker on ground as we speak. This is a tool made by good and this tool is made available for the use of every web owner and required no registration or usage fee. This tool will give you accurate result about your website or blog, and also highlight the area which your website need speed improvement.

To use the google page speed tool visit https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Enter your website and click analyze

Wait for google to check your website and provide you with the score and what to do.

2. pingdom.com Websites Speed Checking Tool

pingdom website speed checker

Pingdom erect a tool to quickly check your website speed without stress, this tool will your website loading speed, check your css, php, html files and provide your the speed quality of your website. To archive this

Visit https://tools.pingdom.com/ and enter your website url

Wait while the website checking your website

When finish checking it will provide your website speed.

3. gtmetrix.com Websites Speed Checking Tool

gtmetix website speed checker

This has been my favorite tool for checking website speed over the years, this tool is totally free an require no sign up before checking website speed but you can register with them if you care. This tool work similar like google page speed. The tool will analyze your whole website tools and present to you speed score of your website. It will also include the file that is loading slow on your website and in addition will provide you with idea to have the issue solve. To use gtmetrix website speed checking tool

Visit https://gtmetrix.com/

enter your website url e.g www.yourwebsite.com

wait for it to analyze your website and provide you with the score.

There are thousands of tools at there to check your website speed but this are the only three we can cover on this article. Hopefully you enjoy your time on this post and learning new thing. We are recommending the article below, just check them out to learn more.

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