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You can introduce your products, services or company to thousands of Informationhood readers. To do so, click the Submit Update button at the top, click Story. Enter the title and content and write good details about your product, service or company. Also include contact information where interested customers or clients can reach you. Note: The better the description, the better your chance of providing more services or attracting more clients and making more sales.

>> Enter Title. This is the title of your post, e.g. ( Lovely Red Color Nike Shoe For Sale in Lagos for Just ₦5,000 only )

>>Product Description. After you enter the title, scroll down to see the Content field. There you can write a good description of the product or service you are promoting. As mentioned earlier, the more details you provide, the more chances you have to get more customers/clients.

>> Upload Photos. Try to upload a good number of photos to the post by clicking on the photo logo at the top. Note that the photo in the post is different from the thumbnail that appears on the button.

>> Thumbnail: When you are done, upload your thumbnail (the thumbnail is the photo that appears on the first page and on the home page). It is advisable to use the best photo for the thumbnail.

>> Select Category. Click on the Category section and select Trade Zone as the category. If you upload in any other area, your post will be deleted immediately. Make sure that product posts appear only in the Trade Zone.

>> Select Country: Select your country

>> Enter Location : Enter the place you’re

>> Publish. When you’re done with everything, click publish button and your product will be available at the trade zone page.

Please note that informationhood tradezone is completely free for sellers to meet customers. We do not take responsibility for carelessness, so we advise our users to be careful when making transactions. We will delete reported accounts immediately and without notice, stay away from scammers.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please email us at

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