Zenith Bank ATM Card: How to Get New Zenith ATM Card and The Cost

Are you here to know how you can get Zenith Bank ATM Card and as well the cost of Zenith Bank new ATM? If so then these post is just for you. You need an ATM card, as every Nigeria bank is encouraging their customers to have an ATM card for easy transactions and more. Be it the first time you want to get your ATM card or you have before but lost it along the way or even have it stolen the whole process is a bit different when it comes to Zenith Bank.

Zenith Bank ATM CardAs you have already know, Zenith bank is one of the largest bank in Nigeria and it reliable. Presently as we speak the bank has over 2 millions active account users, they are known among the Nigeria best operating banks. In these new model technology world, ATM is something you can’t shy away from. Every account holder definitely need an ATM card to ease his/her account operating system, we understand you won’t want to queue in the bank for any reasons, so it advisable you get your ATM banks.


How To Get Zenith Bank ATM Card

On this article we will be showing you how you can obtain Zenith bank ATM card easily.

First you need to have an account with zenith bank, if you have not open account with Zenith bank then it time to have that done, it doesn’t take any time to do that. If your account is new and you want the Zenith bank ATM card then follow these step.

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After opening your account and linking it with your Bank Verification Number (BVN) then wait for 1 week, after that go to the same Zenith bank branch you opened your account from to request for your ATM card. By these period of time your ATM CARD will be ready for pick up. After collecting your ATM card, be sure to use the Zenith bank ATM Machine to register your card and change the default pin to personal.


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If you have already lost ATM Card then you need to first block the lost or stolen ATM card by visiting any Zenith bank branch, you can as well download the Zenith Bank ATM Card blocking and replacement form online HERE. After successfully blocking your lost ATM card, request for a replacement. After successfully new Zenith Bank ATM Card application you will then need to wait for 1 week or 5 working days to have your new ATM card processed.

Go and collect you new ATM Card after 7 days and do not forget to activate your new ATM card using the Zenith bank ATM Machine outside the bank, it advisable to change your default pin as well.

Cost Of Zenith Bank ATM Card

The ZENITH Bank ATM card cost #1,000 Naira. The bank will process the ATM card for you even when you are not having any money on your account, but note soon as money goes in your account the 1000 will be deducted without time-wasting.

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Types Of Zenith Bank ATM Card

Zenith bank offer two major types of ATM Card, the two type of ATM card Zenith Bank offers are

  1. Visa Card
  2. MasterCard

The most common ATM card Zenith bank offer is visa ATM card, so if by any means you are not comfortable with VISA ATM card then you should inform the bank quickly of your choice card or even you can decide to have the two ATM CARD, It your choice.

These is the complete process of obtaining a new Zenith Bank ATM Card and also the cost of it. If you are having any question or issues regarding these post, you can leave a comment below.

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