Why Pat utomi wants to be the governor of Delta State

Prof. Pat utomi is a member of all  progressive congress ( APC) said the reason why he is running for the seat of governor of delta state is because the state has to be saved from hunger and it had to be saved from wrong hands. The level of poverty in the state is high, he said.

Despite all delta State has got, in terms of natural resources they are still one of the hugry state in Nigeria. This was the reason why I took the interest to run for the governorship election in 2019. He said.

Pat utomi blames the members of PDP               ( people’s democratic party) who had ran the the state for so many years and are yet to archive anything, instead things are getting worse.


Prof Pat utomi also said “if you have a conscience and you watch people live a fate worse than death like, then your spirit mist verge on being broken. He explained that people of Delta State has been leaving in a fate worse than death and he is here to make the right decision.

I have a feeling of despondency when I remember that people’s families had died on the road just because our government had refused to build good roads. People loose their lives often and often due to road accident he said. He also said that he had witnessed the level of poverty the people who lived across a small pond embraced from oil production plat form.

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Pro. Pat utomi said that he is here to give his people hope, he also encourages every one not to give up on Delta state that he shall see to it that Delta State rose rrom pain to glory. There will be good roads and people will stop dieing due to poor health care. Our roads will be neat not look like Dustbin .



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