Who Remembers Earth Song?

Hope! Michael Jackson reminds us once again that there’s still hope. Our world can be restored to its beautiful state again if only we’d work together to heal it. I woke up this morning to this beautiful tune and my mind was blown again at the simplicity and clarity of the message, and gets me wondering why we still don’t get it yet.

This is not your regular shaku shaku, but a song that was actually meant to convey meaning. Earth song is a 1995 music by Michael Jackson with a simulated video portraying the total human destruction and spiritual rebirth of the world.  Prior to the song, it should be noted that he had done several songs such as Heal The World, We Are The World, etc, calling for social consciousness to remind us of our part in rebuilding the world and the need to act now.  “Earth Song” however was the first that overtly dealt with the environment and animal welfare.

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The video was filmed in four geographic regions (Americas, Europe and Africa). The first location was the Amazon Rainforest, where a large part was destroyed a week after the video’s completion. Natives of the region appeared in the video and were not actors. The second scene was a war zone in Karlovac, Croatia, with famous Croatian actor Slobodan Dimitrijević and the residents of the area. The third location was Tanzania , which incorporated scenes of illegal poaching and
hunting into the video. No animals were harmed in the making of the “Earth Song”, as the footage came from documentary archives. The final location was in Warwick, New York , where a safe forest fire was simulated in a corn field.

The video opens with an estab scenery shot of a beautiful garden and wildlife. The animals looked happy and peaceful. Then after a little while, an armored tank arrives the scene which portrays human advancement and technological development. Within a split second, the green leaves and trees were gone remaining only debris. The next time the animal were shown, they have been poked and wounded, humans are displaced as their homes have been destroyed by war.


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All these happened however because the people just stood by and watch, doing nothing.  Then the destruction continues and the people couldn’t take it any longer so they acted in unison calling on an unseen spiritual voice in one voice. With this, they summon a force that swept across the whole world healing it. Time is reversed, the forest grows back, war ends, and industrial fumes which has been touted to destroy the ozone layers, were retracted back into their machines.


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What this video is telling us is that nothing will be done if we don’t act,  but a lot can be achieved with our collective and undivided efforts. We can restore our world if we unite to heal it and make it a better place by realising that we are the world.




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