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Over 15 years now Nigeria now know the value of metal scrap and the one with great business orientation now making huge amount of money from the business. People throw away their scrap when they find it not serving the purpose of purchase but others are out the in the dump selecting all of it and saving them to resell to companies who purchase and refine those scrap for better use.

On this article Informationhood wish to inform those looking for metal scrap on where they can find them for purchase in Nigeria. This is basically on people who buy and supply to companies in Nigeria. The business of metal scrap is a huge income business in a city like Lagos state and it has become a hot cake thing and really difficult to find.

If you are in Lagos or any part of Nigeria, we could only give a simple tips to get metal scrap market instead of listing sellers of them. As for those who sell, you can use the comment box to give your own details however we are working on business directory to cover you all. As for you interest where to buy metal scrap in bulk below is the solution.

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How to get Metal Scrap to Buy in Nigeria

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Go to Refuge Dump’s

The straight answer is Refuge’s DUMPS. The best place to get metal scrap in bulk is dumps. There are so many dumps in Nigeria so going to one of them to check how you can get this material is the best idea. Go on a visit to all the dumps around you to find those that are saving metal scrap materials. You have to meet with them and offer them a deal to be buying huge amount from them or request them to be supplying your company. Due to the fact that they have customers who buy from them already, you may want to add little amount to the regular price to enable them sell to you.

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Hire Labourers

Another means of getting metal scrap in Nigeria is by hiring boys to work for you. there are many jobless youth in around you who will accept this offer to go check the dump for metal scrap and sell to you or you pay them daily. You just have to store them till they get huge and sell to final production companies.

Buy From Aboki

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Aboki’s buy metal scrap directly from end users and sell to bulk buyers. You can have aboki supply the materials to you at cheap price and resell to final production company for higher amount for good profits.

This is how you can get metal scrap to buy in Nigeria. If you are a bulk seller or you regularly have metal scrap for sell, then drop your contact with location and amount in tons you have. Usually metal scrap is measure with a scale and mostly supply to companies when they are stored up to 3 tons and above with a truck. Note that metal scrap is very expensive in Nigeria.

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