Warning Nov 2018: Avoid Eating Beans for now in Nigeria – Sniper Insecticide Has Bean Spayed on Beans

A source has taken it online to spread the information regarding the danger people may go through if consumption of beans is not avoided. For those who can not avoid eating beans, they are advised to make several boiling process before proceeding to eating of beans.

avoid eating beans for now in Nigeria

Undisclosed source has come on the internet and social media to expose what she saw at the market stating that she saw hausa beans sellers spraying sniper insecticide on beans which could lead to killing of human and any living thing that eat the beans.

What is Sniper Insecticide?

For some of you who may be asking what sniper is all about, it’s known as a very hard chemical used in killing of insects. This chemical has been in Nigeria for long but was introduce as a remedy to eliminate bed bugs, mosquitoes and other insects in 2017. Open release this chemical causes lot of troubles and health complication which result to limitation of the use of the chemical. Sniper is as harsh as damaging human liver, kidney and cause problem to the heart is directly inhaled.

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Eating the chemical will warrant nothing but danger of death. Though this information is yet to be confirmed, prevention is better than cure. We urge you to share this information with your friends on social media to get spread all over Nigeria and save others. Below is a direct information as shared with us on whatsapp.

Plz. Stop eating beans or if u must eat beans,make sure u per-boiled it very well and dispose the water. I went to market on Sunday morning and could not believe what my eyes saw. Hausa boys were mixing sniper with beans a chemical that is very high in acidic concentration and capable of killing anything that comes in contact with it. Whether human or insect. Plz send this post to ur love ones until all Nigerians are aware of this. Save a soul by sharing this post.


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