Warning: Avoid Answering Calls From 0800226655

Yet to confirm the fact about this information but a sound warning is flying all around whatsapp and other social media to avoid answering calls coming from this number 0800226655. below is the the info gotten from some whatsapp users.


Plz, dnt pick call frm dis number when it calls: 0800226655 or any strange number that u don’t know. And pls if u want 2 enter bike or okada, and d bike rider uses a pieces of cloths or handkerchief 2 clean d back sit, pls don’t sit on it. illuminatti devil worshipers are after
innocent souls. They are using pple for
rituals from today till dec. 17th. They
just want your voice. Send this
message to pple you care about. Plz do it
and save lives it is serious… PlzPls if anyone stops U and ask if u’re interested in some perfume and gives u a paper to smell, pls don’t!
It’s a new scam, the paper is laced with drugs, U’ll pass out so they can rob you or do worse things to u. Pls 4ward to all friends n family..save a life pls” this was received from
a Senior police officer this morning take note n alert everyone u want to protect. This is not a joke pls. Pass it on.

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