Usps Customer Care Contact Details and All you Need to Know

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USPS customer care contact details

Usps has now become one of the fastest delivery service in Nigeria with amazing features one cannot afford to miss when doing waybill or intend to ship item abroad or locally.

Usps Customer Care Contact Details and All you Need to Know

USPS customer care contact details

If you don’t know yet, USPS is a U.S.A service that extended their service to Nigeria with the help of FedEx Nigeria. Full meaning of USPS is United States Post Service.

The company was founded by decree of the Second Continental Congress. Benjamin Franklin on July 26, 1775 in purpose to make dispassion of goods easy for America citizens.

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Over this years, the company has grow huge and have extended service to so many countries and continents worldwide.

Currently the service doesn’t have physical office in Nigeria but however they are operating in the help of FedEx. But that doesn’t mean you happypeople1 place a call to them for cases of delay or enquiries.

One of the lovely thing about them is their fast delivery service, even parcel outside the country deliver fast to the receiver.

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USPS also has very active tracking systems that enables their customers to track parcel online. It very easy and understandable. This is to say if you use USPS for your shipping, you will be able to track where the item is and other valuable details right on your phone or computer.

How To Contact USPS Nigeria

To contact USPS in Nigeria, you have to use any of the mentioned means below to get in touch with them. Note that you are free to contact them for inquiries, complaints, suggestion e.t.c.

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Email address:

Usps Help Centre:

Office Address: NIL

Phone Number: NIL

Items you can check with USPS Nigeria

  • Stocks
  • Processed woods
  • Passports
  • Precious stones like Diamond
  • Paints
  • Weapons like Knives
  • Perfumes
  • Ice
  • Fruit juice
  • Coins
  • Soft drink
  • Airline Tickets and Credit card blanks
  • Jewelry containing lead salt.

Since rate of email sent to this company during holidays has kept un-reply, we have draw conclusion that USPS Nigeria doesn’t operate on weekends, holidays and festival periods.

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