Union Bank Money Transfer Code – How You Can Send Money

Needed to transfer money from your Union bank account into to another account or bank? This post will show you how to do that without even needing internet connection. Technology has taking it place in Nigeria banking system and lot’s of things can be done right inside your house or office without you taking a step out to the bank if you know the right thing to do. These days you can easily manage your account with your phone or computer right in where you are, be it your office or house.

Union bank Money Transfer Code

Union Bank Money Transfer Code

Union bank is one of the oldest bank in Nigeria with over 10 thousands active customers at of the time writing this post. The major purpose of this post is to educate UNION BANK customers how they can make cashless transfer at any where they are with just their phone, even without Internet connection.

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When this idea of making payment or transferring money into another account without going to the bank was introduced, it all depend on the Internet and there was no other way of doing it without having Internet connection which was like lot of headache to some people whose phone doesn’t browse the Internet. Union Bank has recently introduced a new method which one can transfer money from his or her account to someone else account without Internet connection, this method work with other banks as well. This is to say you can as well transfer money into someone who is not using union bank. It known as the act of using USSD code.

Union bank has their own ussd code which you can use to make all transaction done right in your phone without internet connection, but we are going to look at how you can transfer money from your Union Bank account to another account or bank without needing to connect to internet. You can learn how to buy airtime from your account here

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Union bank money transfer code

Union Bank Money Transfer code to send money from you union to another account

To make a transfer from Union bank to another account dial the below code on your phone that you used in registering you account, make sure you use the phone number that is registered with your account or it won’t work. Use the number you use in receiving alert.

Union Bank transfer USSD code is *389*038#

Follow the following instruction that will show on your phone when you dial the code above to complete your transfer.

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How Much You Will Be Charge For Every Money You Transfer On Union Bank

Union bank allow you to make transfer with your phone to any bank account in regard that they will charge you some token fee which is used for the service maintenance.  This has been one of the most ask question since this transfer method was introduced. If you are among those asking to know the amount you will be charge for every transfer you make, then we wish to use this post to notify you that you will be charge the following amount for every money transfer transaction that goes successfully.

Union Bank Money Transfer Charges: N105

How Long Does Union Bank Money Transfer Takes to Deliver to the Receiver?

Your transfer delivers to the receiver immediately ones the transfer shows successfully on your phone. While some cases might take some few minutes/hours. You may experience long time delay in transfer if the bank you are sending to or Union bank has poor network at the time, it may result waiting for some hours or so to get the transfer delivered. It not only union bank but happens to any Nigeria bank.

What Should Do If Transfer Fail To Deliver To Receiver When You Are Been Debited

Some cases there may be critical error either of the banks that will result waiting for days and still money will not get to the receiver. When this happens you need to contact Union bank regarding your failed transfer. If the money return back to your account within 24hours time, then you can retry the transfer but if money didn’t return back to you or get to the receiver within the time period of 24hr. you will have to contact Union bank for refund.

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What You Should Do If Transfer Fail

Some times due to bad network, your transfer may experience series of failure. If your transfer have failed twice, you are advised to change your current location to check for a better network coverage. If the issue persist then you are recommended to contact the Union customer service regarding it.

This is all you need to know to complete union bank money transfer to another account or bank. As you can see, we have covered Union bank money transfer code and other important areas. If you are still having any question after reading these article, then use the comment box below.

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