How To Begin A Custard Production Enterprise In Nigeria

Custard is a nutritious food. Majority of beverage and food producing firms began little before they became the companies they are today. If you are not determined to start and run your business and explore opportunities, then this article is not for you. This article is for entrepreneurs who are determined and willing to take […]

Cocoa Exportation Enterprise In Nigeria: How To Begin

Cocoa bean has other names like cacao and cocoa. The definition of cocoa is the seed belonging to Theobroma cacoa which after experiencing drying and fermentation can undergo processing to become cocoa butter. ‘Cocoa’ as a word is from a Spanish name of a thing which is ‘cacad’. The source of the word ‘cacao’ is […]

Pig Farming In Nigeria: Procedures On Starting

Pig farming has to do with the process of rearing weaners or piglets until they mature for commercial use. This process has to do with getting the appropriate piglets, vaccines and management. The pig pens have to be properly constructed. See Guide On Starting Garri Production In Nigeria It is also essential to take care […]

Danfo Bus Scarcity in Oshodi Towards Ikeja Way – 7pm 26/2/2018

Hello i’m Daniel currently in oshodi area of Lagos state. I hereby inform those it may concern that there is currently no danfo bus in Oshodi going to ikeja way Lagos, and it leading those without vehicle of their own to either walk down or keep waiting. It happening because there is a serious hold […]