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Google Adsense: Why Delay in Approving My Request?

delay in google adsense approval

How Long Does It Take Google Adsense  To Review & Approve Request? Why google Adsense delaying Reviewing & approving my request?How long does it take google adsense to review and approve my blog or website ? This post is last updated November 10th, 2018 Delay in Approving My Google Adsense Account I have submitted a […]

Domestic violence.

Domestic violence is an act of abusing someone either by hitting the person, by abusing the person orally or by depriving them od what they ought to have. Domestic violence can be caused by various reasons and which are: when a partner deprives the other sex. A child being deprived of his/her educational right, this […]

Animals and their sense of reasoning.

I’m not a lover of animals neither do I like keeping pets. I’ve always detested animals most especially cats and dogs. I hate to see cats around me, you know this Nigerian beliefs that witches use cats for witchcraft and for attack, this is part of the notion that I’ve about cats. I hate to […]

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