Could this be true about Social Media Users; Do you notice it too?


According to a latest study conducted on  Facebook, Twitter and other social networks users feel less unhappy than their friends


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Research found that those with the largest number of social network connections are happier than those with fewer friends.

For the purposes of study, which uses data from Twitter, mutual followers are defined as “friends” and links to most users are defined as “popular”.

“This analysis contributes to the growing body of evidence that social media can be detrimental to users who are “overdone” in these services because it is almost impossible to escape the negative popularity of their friends and compare happiness,” said Johan Bollen of the United States.

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The study is based on the phenomenon known as a paradox friendship, and that is that most people in social networks have on average fewer connections than their friends that the most popular users cuts with a number of higher average social circles.

The study first finds that the most popular users are on average happier; inflate the level of general happiness of the social circle of users – the “paradox of happiness” effect scientist’s call

“This study shows that happiness in correlation with popularity, and most people on social networks are not content with their friends because of their friendship and popularity,” Bollen said.

To conduct the analysis, researchers randomly selected 4.8 million Twitter users, and then analyzed the group of people that occurred in the network, creating a social network of about 102,000 users with 2.3 million connections.

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They then reduce their access to people with 15 or more “friends” online, after which they analyzed the feelings of tweets of these users, which is a common method in computer science and marketing to assess whether digital publications are generally a positive or negative tone. – GN


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