This is no doubt one of the best investment options in Nigeria that have very little or no risk. Though it doesn’t have much interest rate in terms of high outcome.

Treasury Bills are short term investment opportunities issued out by the Nigerian government through the central bank for the purpose of short term funding for the government and also to control the country’s money supply.

Treasury bills are sold through a bi-weekly auction conducted by the CBN.

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When you invest in treasury bills you stand to make a 10 percent of your investment as your interest rate.

This simply explains that if you invest 9,00,000 naira into treasury bills you stand to make 100,000 as your on interest and that completes it at 1,000,000, naira, isn’t that interesting?

To buy treasury bills you will have to approach your bank requesting for a form. You fill the form with your personal information also indicating the amount you want to buy and also the bid rate.

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