Top 6 Best Nigeria Bulk Sms Providers ( 2018 Best List )

This are the top 6 Nigeria bulk sms providers 2018 that informationhood find reliable, trustworthy, easy to use, and most serious in business.

Bulk sms allow you to send bulk message to good numbers people at once using your name or company name as sender, it is best for companies, marketers, churches, supermarkets etc who want to pass information or send reminder message to their clients, members or customers. It is important to find a well Nigeria bulk sms providers and not to fall in the hand of those whose massage takes 12-24hours just to deliver.

Nigeria Bulk Sms ProvidersAlmost all the bulk sms provider in Nigeria claimed to have the best service but among all informationhood has sort out the best among all currently, this is to help you make the best choice to avoid waste of your money.


Top 6 Best Nigeria Bulk Sms Providers

1. Smskernel
smskernel made it to the first position of this list because of it responsive design and quick message delivery feature, it doesn’t take up to a minutes to have a message deliver to the receiver. On our research we find out that there is no other responsive design which fit on low end phones than smskernel, it has the best interface and made easy to understand, smskernel also send text messages informing it users of important messages.

smskernel offer 5 sms units upon registration to test their service before placing order, they also have application which make it more easier for use. their sms cost N1 per message without any additional charges, they also offer re-seller package at reasonable price. last but not the least you can place an order on their website and pay with your credit card without stress, we also find that of crediting new order very ok as it 10-30 minutes from the time of placing order. Smskernel is well tested by Informationhood, It’s best among all Nigeria bulk sms providers.

Review: Smskernel seem to be very serious with their business


Ebulksms is one of the well know quality trustworthy bulk sms company in Nigeria. They are well know and been used by some top Nigeria companies. ebulksms design is very neat and easy to understand, and as well has a responsive design though it doesn’t fit too well on low end phones, their sms delivery time is excellent and worth using.

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They have the most advance features among all. informationhood has tested they would have make top one but their duration charges drag them to second position on this list, though ebulksms is a bit expensive they offer the best quality service.

Their process of ordering for unit is as easy as others, user have the option of paying with hes/her ATM card or pay direct to their bank account.

They give 2 units upon registration which you can use in sending message for once.

They charge 2 unit per message. They have a nice application which work very well while we where testing it. In addition they also have good understanding interface app, the application seem to be more easier than their website.

Ebulksms allow users to upload contacts from phone book, they have the option of Schelling message to be send later by setting time and date.

Review: Ebulksms seem to be very serious with business.


dmobili has been in the business of bulksms for a very long time now, and a lot of big companies in Nigeria uses them, though their design is not responsive they have easy to understand interface. dmobili offers 3 sms unit upon registration to test their service before buying more units. They deliver messages quite fast, they have option of sending message later scheduling time and date.

Their sms charges is N1.70 to MTN, AIRTEL and ETISALAT, N2.00 to GLO, N4.00 to VISAFONE, MULTILINKS, STARCOMS and N10 to INTERNATIONAL NUMBERS per sms. dmobili has the option of buying sms unit online with atm card in just a click.

Last but not the least dmobili offer re-seller package though the price is not reasonable but they worth considering. Dmobili is top three Nigeria bulk sms providers

Review: Dmobili seem to be very serious with business, but they need to upgrade their webdite by making a responsive design for easy use on mobile phones.

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Globa.gbnmobile is bulk sms provider that look like smskernel in design with good responsive design, they have a good interface though the registration process is a bit stressful. We make it number 4 on this list because of it great features.  On you can easily top up sms unit using voucher, known as recharge card. Global.gbnmobile gives 2 unit upon registration and charge 1.8 unit per sms which is a bit high in price, they have re-seller package which their price is not that reasonable but if want quality service they could still be considered. their message deliver immediately on the click of send message button; this means you don’t have to go the stress of been worried if your message deliver, they also have the feature which shows you statics of your messages to know which message failed and which was sent.

Review: seem to be very serious with business


5. Yugosms
Yugosms is one of the most easy to use bulksms service, though their website is not much friendly with all kind of screen, we still considered it among Nigeria top bulk sms providers, because their message deliver on time without stress, they offer new users with 2 units sms to test their service upon registration, they have the option of paying through their account or paying online with an ATM card while ordering for sms unit. Yugosms has a nice message interface though it seem to informationhood that they need advancement; it still very much easy to understand, their sms rate is reasonable.
according to our test, we find that yugosms message is 1 unit per message and they give 2 testing units upon
registration. With yugosms, users can uploads contacts easily from contact list as others does.
Review: Informationhood find that yugosms is serious with business but there is every need to upgrade their
website to fit on every screen size.

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6. Speedwaysms
Speedway also make it on this list of top Nigeria bulk sms providers 2016.

Speedway sms is also good for sending bulk sms across the country with high speed, their message deliver pretty much good upon send button click, they have a nice option of buying sms online with ATM card or paying direct to their account which they promise they will credit user account that pay for units using their account direct within 12hours.

Though speedwaysms webiste doesn’t have pretty or professional look, they still have great qualities which get sms flowing around whole Nigeria for just a second. Speedwaysms gives 2 units upon registration and charges 2 units per message. their design doesn’t look good on low end mobile but can be manageable.

Review: Speedwaysms seem to be very serious in business but need upgrade in website design.


This are the reliable bulk sms Providers in Nigeria we could get at this moment. Informationhood will try to always keep this post up to date.

Advance: We advice that you properly take lookup of all listed above using their testing unites to make a good/better choice on which to go for.

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This are the 6 best sms providers in Nigeria this year.


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  1. kessy

    Ebulk sms is definitely the best among all, i have used 3 of this and still find ebulk the best.

  2. Have you tried choicesms24. Waoo, you will be blown away, cheap and cool bulksms site. I have been using them for long now.

  3. olamide is the best and the cheapest bulk sms website in Nigeria, i have been using them for 5 years now and they have never failed me..

  4. James

    I Use and they are good and reliable. I have been using them since 5years now. Their charges are affordable

  5. Francis

    UFS Desktop App ( is great for those that needs to send large volumes of SMSes.

  6. Mike


  7. Megrich Mobile is one of the few bulk SMS websites in Nigeria that provide top quality and cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria. It’s a complete mobile marketing platform operating on the highly popular MobileX app (Not SPC). Check us out and see for yourself.

  8. I’ve given 100%. The ite is fast to load, easy to use and delivers globally when integrated to my Website with their API. Funny enough, I sent to DND numbers, i saw on my report that it failed because it’s on DND list and they also returned the credit for those messages on DND.

  9. Sam Sam

    Well, the sites posted above are really good. Though there is this one I recently came across;
    Their units are very affordable (N1.7 per unit), and they charge 1unit per SMS.
    There are lots of tools for filtering dead phone numbers, a dedicated customer care, a ‘refer and earn’ platform and so much more.
    I’d recommend that too

  10. promise

    Have you all tried http://www.SMSLITE.NET is cheap and Reliable… Funny enough i sent a message to DND numbers and it was delivered…. A unit @ 1.60

  11. Semasa Opeoluwa

    The top most bulk SMS platform in Nigeria is – cheap, affordable and fast bulk sms API across all networks – MTN, Airtel (Celtel), Glo 9mobile (Etisalat). SMS as low as one naira (1 naira) per unit of SMS

  12. Megrich Mobile

    Check out for premium quality Bulksms.

  13. Austin Udoh

    Admin please update this your list and remove this smskernel.
    the site is suspended

  14. femi

    Bulk SMS marketing can be considered the cheapest and most cost-effective mode of advertising. Visit us today at

  15. femi

    Make extra cash while keeping your day job. Become a bulk sms reseller and make 5 digits figures daily. For more information visit

  16. Bankole

    Please update is not a bulk sms site.

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