Top 5 Best Places to Live in Ibadan Nigeria

Welcome to informationhood website. On this website i want to show you some best places that are very cool to live in Ibadan city of Nigeria. So many reason would want to make a search regarding this best place to stay.

When we are talking of the best place to stay in a city we are equally about in teams of security, electricity power supply and some others cool activities that enhance life and  make things  easy for your daily activities.


So many people wants a cool place they will live a good life and have a peaceful home on and have a cool family. If this is among your plan in getting  a good place to stay in Ibadan then this you will enjoy reading this post.

Ibadan is a very cool city known as one of the best populated city in Nigeria lot of beautiful places to go. According to wikipedia Ibadan is the capital and most populous city of Oyo State, Nigeria. With a population of over 3 million, it is the third most populous city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano; it is the country’s largest city by geographical area.

Lets head straight to the purpose of this post which is best place to live in Ibadan community.


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Ibadan is situated in south-western Nigeria, 128 km inland upper east of Lagos and 530 km southwest of Abuja, the government capital, and is an unmistakable travel point between the waterfront locale and the zones in the hinterland of the nation.

Ibadan had been the focal point of organization of the old Western Region since the times of the British pioneer manage, and parts of the city’s antiquated defensive dividers still remain right up ’til the present time. The key occupants of the city are the Yorubas, and also different networks from different parts of the nation.

On the off chance that you are thinking about domiciling in Ibadan then here are the best places to consider.

1. Agodi G.R.A:

agodi gra

At the point when the name “Agodi G.R.A” is said, numerous things go through our heads. Aside from being a First Class low industry private neigbourhood, it likewise prides itself as the seat and home of intensity.

The Oyo State secretariat which houses the Governor’s Office is in Agodi G.R.A—the administration house, the delegate representative’s home and the principal’s woman office are altogether domiciled in this G.R.A.

A tranquil, elegant, clear-green neighborhood, Agodi G.R.A has to a vast degree remained simply private with practically zero physical arranging logical inconsistencies.

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2. Iyanganku G.R.A:

Iyanganku GRA

Iyanganku G.R.A is a place just selective to the super rich in addition to the self important in Ibadan. In the event that you are no of these, kindly don’t be gotten there.

Like the state is legitimately called ‘OYO’ (you are ‘all alone’). A private neigbourhood with for the most part stunning proprietor occupier nation homes generally set on vast grounds of land flavors with lavish green gardens, swimming pool, auto parcels e.t.c.

Iyanganku G.R.A is the extremely rich person G.R.A with first grade infrastructural offices including a first-appraised neigbourhood police headquarters equipped with every kind of weaponry.

3. Onireke G.R.A:


Onireke G.R.A is a completely created highbrow and low thickness private center point, Onireke G.R.A has continually being the Lebanese state of Ibadan. Almost 2/3 of its occupants are of Lebanese nice, some to the third era.

A little measured prime private neigbourhood, Onireke G.R.A has kept on being an investor’s, charm in light of its vicinity to Dugbe (the CBD), the Ibadan Recreation Club, Golf Club and Magazine Road, of which the Lebanese have generous distribution centers.

4. Bodija

Bodija is a standout amongst the most well known places in Ibadan. It picked up acknowledgment with the advancement of like named highbrow bequest soon after the Independence of Nigeria.

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There are two of such bequests inside the locale. Old Bodija and New Bodija. The home will be home to numerous prevalent schools inside the state. It likewise houses the Bodija Market which is one of the biggest Markets in Ibadan.

5. Oluyole Estate

Oluyole Estate in Ibadan is under Ibadan South West Local Government Area at Oyo State. Oluyole Estate is situated in the core of Ibadan on Ring Road.

It is a mix of upper and working class Ibadan inhabitants. Living in Oluyole is averagely moderate. It is a couple of minutes drive from the Legendary Liberty Stadium.

In light of its focal area, Oluyole is adored by many individuals. The street organize is great. Oluyole is a mix of private and business network in Ikeja.

This is the top places to live in Ibadan city of Nigeria. You will find these places lovely and fun to be. It of good reason you made this research. You can pay visit to any of these locations mentioned on this article to know how lovely they are and if they fits in. If you have any question regarding this article, use the comment box below.



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