Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria

There are many web hosting companies that offer web hosting services in Nigeria. They are grouped in this article according to their Alexa rank. The current population of Nigeria is 190,632,261 with up to 47,759,904 internet users which is 15th globally.

Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria

Best web hosting in Nigeria

Web hosting has to do with the type of hosting service that let’s individuals to make their sites accessible using the World Wide Web. They are companies that offer space on a server that is owned including providing the internet connectivity.

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Web hosts has the capacity to provide connectivity and data centre space for the use of other services which are located within their data centre. In order to host a website, a firm or an individual will need their own server in the computer. Since not all firms have the expertise and budget to make this happen, web hosting organizations started to host many other user sites within their own servers without the need for the client to possess the necessary facilities that are required to run a website.

The owners of such websites are called web masters. Web masters are able to create a website that can be hosted on the internet and then published to the web through the web hosting service.

As the number of internet users grew, the pressure for firms to have online presence also grew. Web hosting are of different types and among them are smaller hosting services. In this smaller hosting package, the most basic is the web page and small scale operations where there is uploading of files through the File Transfer Protocol or the unknown interface. Those files are normally delivered to the web.

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Large hosting service firms that are not the internet service providers will have to be connected permanently to the internet to send files, emails etc to the web. This article gives an impartial and unbiased information about the largest web service providers in the country.

1. Whogohost

Location: Ikeja, Lagos
They deal on up to 21 products on reseller hosting and web design. They operate on Linux and Windows and their price range is $16.71- $150000.
The language of the website is American English. Here you can get hosting for Joomla and WordPress and they help with web switching. They offer reseller services.


2. Smart

Location: Plateau State
They offer 7 products on web design, shared hosting, domains, SSL certificates, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. They also operate on Windows and Linux with a price of about N900. The language of the website is American English. They offer their web hosting at an affordable price. Web design and SSL certificates are also available in this server.


3. Qservers

Location: Ikeja, Lagos
They offer 9 products on domains, shared hosting, SSL certificates, Dedicated Hosting and VPs. Their operating platform is Linux. The language of this website is English Language. You get up to 20% off your web hosting. They offer registration of domains, website development and SSL certificates. They are also into ecommerce hosting, web design, VPS hosting backing serves dedicated servers and domain names.


4. Host Now Now

Location: Lagos
They offer up to 20 products on cloud, reseller hosting VPS, platform Linux and dedicated hosting. They operate on the Linux platform at an affordable price range. They language of the website is British English and American English. They are among the fastest hosting operators in Nigeria. They offer cloud hosting which has many advantages over other services. It lets find out the performance of your website. They also offer reseller hosting services. They also offer backups.

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5. Domain King

Location : Lagos
They offer up to 6 products on domains, shared hosting and they operate on the platform of Linux. Their price range is affordable. The language of the website is American English. In this domain registration you get 2 free email accounts, DNS Panel, forwarding of domains. You can get up to 20% off when you host for your website. They have very affordable hosting plans and they offer SSD accelerated hosting.



Location: Victoria Island, Lagos.
They offer products on shared hosting and they operate on a platform of Windows. The price range is affordable. The language of the website is American English. They are among the most reliable in Nigeria with free domain hosting. You can always get a free domain name. You can secure your websites using free SSL certificates. You can host Joomla and ecommerce websites.


7. Global Hosting 247

Location: Abuja
They offer 4 products on shared hosting on a platform of Linux. The price range is affordable. The language of the website is American English. They offer a cheap and reliable web hosting in Nigeria. They provide their customers with adequate web hosting servers. Their web hosting in Nigeria is offered at a reasonable price with 24 hours technical support. There are unlimited emails.


8. Upper

Location: Nigeria
Upper link is a software development firm that is into providing solutions in the financial environment and other related fields. They are into web hosting and they are the first ICANN Accredited Registrar in the country and the no 8 in the African continent for international domain names. The company also offers cloud solutions on the Google Cloud Platform which is a product offered by Google. Other services they offer include collections and payments.

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9. Main One

Location: Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt
They are among leading providers of network solutions and innovative telecom services. They have a world class infrastructure that provides their profitability and productivity. They offer many services like media services, connectivity services, enterprise voice services. Main One have launched new centre for data projects within Nigeria and the expansion of their infrastructure reaches across various zones of West Africa.


10. Web 4 Africa

Location: Nigeria
You can get Nigerian domain names from Web 4 Africa at prices that are affordable. They are an accredited .ng operator in Nigeria. They provide all .ng extensions of domain which include, and generic domains like .net, .com, .org, .bic, xyz and others. They also offer African domain names which are now available to be bought in Nigeria.

They offer web hosting options and their web hosting gives you an excellent web page speed within the country. There is also compliance with data sovereignty regulations where obtainable.


These is the top 10 best web hosting companies in Nigeria. If you have any suggestions, in inquiry regarding this list of best hosting in Nigeria then use the comment box below to notify us.

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