Top 10 Online Stores In Nigeria

Internet purchase or E-commerce has been the driving force in the comodity market.Nevertheless there are certain uncertainties when shopping online due to fake designs,delay in supply etc.Online shopping records #1.3 billion worth of transactions monthly. With this analysis one can vividly see that online stores and e-commerce is a driving force in the Nigerian Economy.

Looking at the foreign investment growth in Nigeria today,online stores have drawn much foreign investors into the country thereby giving rise to upspring of many online stores in the country.Unfortunately most of the stores are not up to standard.The apical position of an online store can be seen by its web design,customer care services,quality of products,time of delivery etc



buyam cannot be called an online store due to its website inefficiency. Buyam acts as an intermediary between other stores and its potential consumers.The major platform for transaction in Buyam is in facebook. They also provide door to door services.

The uniqueness of adibba is its ability to sell all variety of products even recharge cards. Their slogan is “The one place to get all”. Shoppers at adibba is constantly growing. They have a pay on delivery policy and a 7-day return policy

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Ojashop logo

Launched in 2014 with over 10,000 order.ojashop delivers your ordered products freely if you are in lagos or ibadan. Ojashop serves its customers efficiently notwithstanding their ever growing population.




With its website having a touch of professionalism.Gidimall was launched in 2012 and is growing steadily till date.gidimall is user-friendly as it is easy to navigate.


kara was created in 2012. is an affordable online stores that deal on electronics and other general goods


Is a fast-growing Nigerian free online market where buyers and sellers meet to transact. They provide a platform to sell and buy almost anything without hassle under a friendly and safe environment. As a seller, you can register with jiji, post an advert of your product and get contacted by an interested buyer. As a buyer you can browse the various categories on the site for anything you want, contact the buyer and place a deal with them



For a good business enterprise to remain at its best they must use a good advertising strategy.olx has made use of this phenomenom and has gained a lot of clicks on its website. It gained a lot of popularity due to that advertising strategy and is now one of the most used online store.


Slot Nigeria

slot is the home of electronic device and gadgets. They are the most reliable when it comes to getting gadgets online.slot delivers freely in lagos and Abuja.I have used it on two occassions and it was amazing. Won’t you give it a try😊



konga over the years has been the only online stores competing with jumia in all ramifications.Discount are offered seasonally. You can also make use of KongaPay as a more convenient means of payment.



jumia has won the heart of Nigerians due to its ethics and professionalism. Being the most visited online store in Nigeria.Its existence has benefited Nigeria economically. Almost all online marketers make use of Jumia more than other online stores thereby makung it the number one. Jumia is a home of unending varieties. Anyone that doubts the credibility of online stores should start with jumia.😆😆😆😆☺

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