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To Borrow Data From Glo is a Complete Waste of Money and Will End Up in Regrets

I stand to be corrected, borrow data from Glo network and see how it’ll end. I was out of data and there was no way I could access my bank app and purchase airtime to use for data so I decided to borrow data on the glo borrow me credit using the used code *303#. I believe this was one of my biggest mistakes in using data. 

I saw where Glo wrote that 500 Naira is for 650 GB + 1.5GB data so I subscribed to that. Immediately I got a notification that I had successfully borrowed 650mb for 500 Naira. I was like where’s the 1.5 GB hiding so I decided to proceed with what I was doing on the Internet. 

I got a message in less than 2hrs that my data will soon finish, what? I was so upset but one mind told me that maybe after the 650mb the 1.5gb will be activated. Lo and behold I got another message in a few minutes that my data service has been exhausted. That’s how 500 Naira finish, they’re waiting for me to come and pay, hmmm. I will just be using the SIM card for receiving calls only. no more making calls from that SIM card again. Glo is one of the worst networks when it comes to data usage’ they’re thieves, and their stealing tricks called glo borrowing is a waste of money. Don’t even use their borrowing service at all or you’ll just end up regretting it. 

I’ll never make this mistake again. Their whole data package doesn’t make sense at all. Their call is manageable with their bad network every time. 

That’s my screenshot below, you can clearly see I borrowed the data at 8:23 a.m. and it finished at 9:44 a.m. I didn’t watch YouTube or Instagram videos oo. What kind of thing is that, who does that? Very annoying, the 1.5GB I didn’t see anything. Bunch of liars and thieves. 

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