Tiwa Savage having s*x with wizkid – Tiwa Ex Husband

Teebliz, tiwa Savage’s ex husband has straightened out the issues relating to his ex wife tiwa Savage and wizkid having s3xual intercourse.

Tiwa and Wizkid

Tiwa and wizkid

He added that Nigerians’s star boy wizkid happens to be his younger brother and cannot and would not be having a sexual intercourse with tiwa Savage who happens to be his ex wife. Another reason i strongly believe so, he said is because of our child. Tiwa Savage cannot not have sexual intercourse with wizkid for that singular reason he admitted.

Teebliz stated and announced loudly to the full public that Ayo ( wizkid)  is his little brother whether any one believes it or not he does not really give a dam. He also said that if any one has any prove and can boldly provide the evidence of this act, either picture or any prove at all then he could look into the matter. Any thing at all just to show that his ex wife tiwa Savage and  Ayo are having anything or might have had sex. If no one can do this then they should stop the public rumor going on in the country.

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He said Ayo is not just his little brother but his real nigga. And they do respect each other and that wizkid can never cross his blood gang. We do not practice such shit in our blood line he said.

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Teebliz made it know to the general public that their opinion is useless and baseless to him. He also said they all are saying bullshit especially titi , Don jazzy will never and can never allow that to happen this am sure of he said.

Tiwa Savage could or might be mad at me but she can’t and would never stopped so so low to the extend of sleeping with my kid brother Ayo (wizkid)  he added.

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