The Bible Vs Relativity: ê still de “epp”?

Please watch it: this isn’t going to be entirely written in p-English, lol.

So, yas! As you might have mind wondered there- Is the Divine Book and Manual of Life as I more often refer to it, still applicable real-time?

Why’d I get meditating on the subject anyways? I mean as a child growing up, I virtually knew no other methods. But, full blown into adulthood, I soon realized that a person would really need to get the gist behind the Law, else it will all be the story of “a ship gradually drifted off its harbour by an unmeasurable distance from the anchor😨” or “oh! The frog’s eventual death was from > 100° boiling water😱”

Which brings us to ask another equally pertinent question: “How does a Principle differ from Law? Ever thought?

For me, a Principle simply is the reason behind a Law while not necessary stated in stones or black and white, it some sort of partial derivative.


Like the controversial subject of Dress and Grooming which will still be a hot trend in any century; past or present will be a lot constructive if we focus a little on Principle as much as Law. Of course, you seemingly have a right to chose whatever from your closet; but do others have to get distracted negatively?

What about “it’s all relative!” different from the Principle of Relativity (not Physics biko😜): Wear for each occasion what is appropriate for it very much holds ground. Expressions like “it’s all relative” or “everything is relative” are used in all kinds of sloppy ways.

But, our subject would be “relative” inclusive if different scales of valuation are implied. For instance, the dress sense in Effurun differs strongly from Vegas and saying “I wear XoXo in

Vegas in the day” and He’s from Effurun but wears the same XoXo only at night”, then “it’s all relative” makes sense. LCM, where such variances occur, it is candid knowledge of PRINCIPLE from a trained mind (since there isn’t a black and white Law in every matter e.g this!) that brings UNIFORMITY to a people who are governed by the same Divine Law: 


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“Likewise, the women (men) should adorn themselves in appropriate dress, with modesty and soundness of mind, …” 1Tim. 2:9.


Okay, so we put a dot here by safely summarizing that it is the contents of the Bible make it truly a unique book. In our next article in the series, we’ll look at three of its most outstanding features:

  1. A reliable guide for daily living
  2. A solid basis for hope in the future
  3. Undeniably accurate prophecies

I love to read your comments below. 👇




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