Ghana Drivers License Authority (DLVA) Office Address, Phone Number Contact

If you are looking on how you will get your driving license then this contact details will be helpful to you. We understand that there is now an online process of applying for a driving license but it only available to people who are renewing their Ghana drivers license. If you are applying new for […]

Ghana Drivers License Cost/Price, (Rate)

Would you want to know the¬†cost, rate or price of obtaining Ghana drivers license? It important very important that every driver in Ghana have a valid Ghana drivers license, it not just important but under must for every driver coming on the road to have a valid i’d driver’s license. Ghana has a very strong […]

What Does the Colour of your Car Exhaust Smoke/fumes mean?

On these article we are going to give you more lite on your¬†Colour of car fumes, you going to learn what every single smoke actually means. On thing is to have a car and the other is to manage and maintain it proper in other to enjoy it. maintenance of a car doesn’t have limitation […]

How to register new vehicle in Nigeria: Step by step process guide

It not just not just important registering new vehicles but it under must. New vehicle must be registered before going on the road. we notice some people try playing smart whereby they are not, they play little trick by just scrolling the plate number on their vehicle without having the certificate. If you thinking of […]