Mistakes You Should Avoid Doing On Your Laptop Computer

Welcome to informationhood I still remain your loyal Serome. On this post I want to share with you mistakes to avoid doing on your laptop computer. Reason for writing this article is because I have seen where someone bought a brand new system and within a month the laptop got bad due to some mistake […]

Things you Need to Check For When Buying a Used Laptop Computer

Welcome to Informationhood, i still remain your humble Serome. On this post i want to share with you what you a very good idea of what need to check for when you want to but a used laptop. It will include when buying uk used laptop, US Used Laptops or local fairly used laptop. So […]

Computer Laptop Display Problem: Causes and how to Fix Display Issue Easily

Hello friend, I still remain your humble Serome. Today i want to take my time to explain why your laptop has stopped displaying on the screen. Is your laptop display not working? Read this post as i will give you reason why your laptop stopped displaying. I will also include the solution to solve laptop […]

Direct UK Used Sony All-in-One Computer For Sale at Cheap Wholesale Price

All in one computer has everything in it just like a monitor alone. It’s the new model computer that are now in place. They have cd/dvd rom, sharp webcam, wifi-wireless, 4 usb port, wlan, tv cable port, 500, 250, 160 HDD. intel core 2 dou. processor speed is 2.4 very fast. i can carry any […]

How i Manage to Stop My Computer/Laptop From Deleting All My Files When It Restart

I have been having bad time all the days i have been using my computer, i bought it last three months and over the months i have lost important files worth more than the laptop. Sometimes it gets me into doing double work which i have to type again and again any time i could […]