A Survey Of The Nnewi Community (Part 2. Notable places, community rulers and electricity status)

On this second part, we would continue our detailed survey of this remotely blessed community in Nigeria, the Nnewi community. Here, we would bring into account the notable places and the community rulers as well as the religious roles they play and then the electricity status obtainable in the community.


In the heath sector, Nnewi community is well known for playing a pivotal role in safeguarding the lives of Nigerian citizens and as such, has one of the biggest hospitals in the country — The Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital. This health institution is in the forefront of providing excellent health services to its people. The hospital and its annexes since its inception has provided specialized and comprehensive medical care to the immediate community and beyond. Due to the growing number of medical practitioners it has produced, its mandate also include undergraduate and postgraduate medical and paramedical training as well as research. These services have grown from strength to strength through the years fueled by comprehensive annual plans approved by the Nigerian Federal Government.

Also as a community leading the way in indigenous product manufacturing and industry, there are many notable companies littered in Nnewi of which a select few would be mentioned. Ibeto Group of Companies, Cutix and ADswitch, Uru Industries Ltd, Omata Holdings Ltd, Cento Group of Companies, Coscharis of Companies Group, Innoson Group of Companies , Ebunso Nig. Ltd, John White Industries, Ejiamatu Group of Companies, Chicason Group, Louis Carter Group among others make up the bulk of renowned industrialists which have developed their companies in the community. Over the years, the community has experienced relatively rapid industrialization. It is estimated that an excess of 20 medium-to-large-scale industries have been established across a variety of sectors during that period of its rapid industrialization growth. Since 1970, Nnewi residents have controlled approximately 80 to 90 percent of the motor-parts trade in Nigeria.

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Just as have already hinted on, another of the notable places in the community is the Nkwo Nnewi market. This market is the major import and wholesale point for motor spare parts in Nigeria. The industrialists of Nnewi are adapting foreign technology to local needs, providing employment to thousands of youths who flood the community in search of job, and making available goods and inestimable services which are the relevant needs of Nigerians. There are a several renowned auto and motorcycle spare parts dealers in Nkwo Nnewi simply because it’s Motorcycle spare parts market is well known throughout West Africa and even certain European countries. There is also an auto plant, the first of its kind in Nigeria, owned by an indigene of the community who is a business mogul, Innocent Chukwuma(INNOSON) as well as a Chinese auto Company.

Furthermore, as a community well known to have a strong inclination towards transportation, most of its indigenes were successful Nigeria’s first transporters and since the end of the Second World War. They own and control their private transport firms and some these companies known all over Nigeria are — Izuchukwu Nig. Ltd. ,Orizu Transport Ltd., Ekene Dili Chukwu Nig. Ltd., Ijeoma Motors Nig. Ltd., Chi Di Ebere Transport Ltd, UBI Logistic and Transport Ltd, Nsoedo Transport Ltd, Ekeson Motors Ltd among others.

Due to their hospitable nature and cordiality, Nnewi has equally showed its strength in instituting notable hotels in the community where people can lodge for their convenience and relaxation. These hotels are devoted to providing substantial services to its customers and have created a spectacular niche with the activities of the hotel industry in the community. Some of these hotels are King’s Palace Hotel, Hotel De Universe, Jideofo Hotel, Beverly Hills Hotel, Nnewi Hotel and Events Center, Twin Towers Hotel, Con-vAj, Sabena Hotel, Calido Fine Hotel and others.

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In the Sports Arena, the community equally has one of the best footballing centers in Nigeria and one of its football clubs, Ifeanyi Ubah FC currently competes in the Nigerian Professional Football League and were the winners of the Nigeria Federation Cup back in 2016.


Nnewi community is ruled by a traditional monarch called the Igwe. He is the king who supersedes the decision-making process in the land as well as execute quantum religious roles. The Igweship in the community predates the arrival of early European colonialists, making it a unique monarchy in the whole of Igbo land. The Igwe is the isi obi (head of the Obis) and hence the Igwe, which literally translates as the heavenly one or his royal highness as he is the holder of the Ofo, the supreme religious and political symbol. The position of the Igwe is not attained by election of conferred on anybody — traditionally, it is strictly hereditary. His Royal Highness Igwe Kenneth Onyeneke Orizu III is the reigning Igwe of the community. He is also the longest serving monarch in Nigeria and he is currently the 20th monarch in the Nnofo Royal lineage. Igwe Kenneth Orizu III is the first class chief in Anambra state from Nnewi as well as the vice Chairman of the Anambra State House of Chiefs.

In the four autonomous towns that make up the community, there are subordinate Chiefs referred to as the Obis who work in tandem with the Igwe. They are Chief Nnamdi Obi, Obi Bennett Okafor and Obi George Onyekaba who are the current obis of Uruagu, Umudim, and Nnewichi towns. These three obis alongside Igwe Orizu III who is the Obi of Otolo constitute the Igwe-in-Council and they deliberate on the spiritual, traditional, and communal matters, in Nnewi. There is also an active town union called the Nzuko-Ora Nnewi. It is a forum through which adult Nnewi indigenes (18 years and above) can contribute to the development of Nnewi. This union was set up to encourage and promote the establishment of structures and facilities that will promote and improve the quality of life of the residents of Nnewi.

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Been a well developed community, there has been significant power supply prevalent in the community as a result of the massive need for its consumption. Due to the majority of industries, companies, technological firms who are in need of electricity at daily basis, the government of the state has seen to the stability of the community’s power supply, which has aided the rapid development of every sector of Nnewi.


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