Startimes Customer Care Phone Number and Contact Details

Startimes is a pay satellite TV that is serving the country with good media access, startimes is one of the tep standing best satellite providers in Nigeria providing adorable channels. Startimes has so many users all over Nigeria, and been one of the most used satellite in Nigeria, in most times one might run into issues with subscription or some other issues which required customer care assistant to have it resolve immediate.

startime customer care

Startimes Customer Care Number and Contact Details

Below is Startimes customer care service contact details in Nigeria

Startimes Customer Care Phone Number: 08172398558 or 09-4618888 or 01-4618888 The best and most effective recommended method of contact Startimes TV is calling the customer care center where you will be able to state your reason for calling and get immediate assistant, you can ask all kind of question and answer is guaranteed. Note that you will be charge at a normal call rate.

Startimes on Twitter: or @StarTimes_Ng You can also contact startimes on twitter for immediate assistant, all you need to do is just tweet at them with your query and you will get response within 4 hours.

Startimes on facebook

Startimes Customer Care Email Address[email protected] Another good method of contacting startimes customer care is through email, if you can be patience enough to wait for a least 3 – 4 hours then you can reach startimes on email for assistant.

Startimes Office Address


Block B, Plot 2739/No. 32 Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, Abuja
+234 (0) 9-4618888


Afribank House, Fatai Atere Way,
Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria
+234 (0)1-4618888

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  1. It two days now, my subscription is not yet working, i have call the startime customer care but there was not relivant respond. Please help me what should i do or do i keep waiting? Because i am planing of going to their office and it won’t be a nice day for startime if i should go to their office.

    1. Am having same problem here….thank God they don’t have any office here in Ilorin again.

  2. hello.I subscribed yesterday around 7pm but till now am not watching.. what’s wrong nowdays with startimes!!! please starrimes company work on this

  3. For Me, I wpuld love star times TV to bring in more free channels. I don’t want to give egs of networks that do but another that I use captures my interest most b/cus of it.

  4. alkali zannah ibrahim

    if there is any i did i regret is subscribing to startimes i call there customers care line no respond all the time.

  5. good evening .ihave some concerns with my startimes decoder,in which ihad paid and it was supposed to be on until 25th nov 2016, but so far im watching only KBC KENYA CHANNEL AND OTHER CHANNELS ARE SHOWING NOT SUSCRIBED.SMARTCARD NO.01801686114.FROM KERICHO COUNTY,KENYA

  6. I have make payment throught my GTB, around 8:35 today into my startime account, and stil no access. Help me rectify the problem

  7. I have make payment throught my GTB, around 8:35 today into my startime account, and stil no access. Help me rectify the problem, this my smart card number 01831120647

  8. NGN1,800.00 Dr
    Desc: 737 MERCHANT PAYMENTS-471724866413559694847265483787?01831120647?1800?Muhammad?999?TRANSFER from ABUBAKAR MOHAMMED to GTBANK MOB MONEY REMITTANCE

  9. NGN1,800.00 Dr
    Desc: 737 MERCHANT PAYMENTS-471724866413559694847265483787?01831

  10. yeah! I subscribed my STARTIME since yestdy arnd 8:30pm up-to-date showing please recharge,please am so tired f DAT.

  11. I came to your office @ mushin on the 5/12/2016 to recharge my startimes recorder, and my smart card number is 02027109536.
    But unfortunate it’s not working,pls help me rectify it immediately.

  12. imaralu E. Christopher

    Please register my startimes decoder.
    Phone number: 08108871806
    Name: Imaralu Enosa Christopher
    Address: utako uromi Edo State
    Smart card number: 018 3101 6368

  13. i recharge from my bank account i was debit but my acount was not credited my phone number is 08036637893 card number 02139298699-4

  14. Samuel Olaniyi Oladipupo

    02145985146 is my smart card number, I recharge since 24th December via Gtb App and i was debited for Nova but my decoder is till not showing..

  15. Samuel Olaniyi Oladipupo

    Acct: ******7944
    Amt: NGN900.00 Dr
    My decoder is not showing saying that I should recharge.

  16. Hi my name is Emmanuel David I made subscription on my decoder for #1200 but up till now nothing is working 02027040291

  17. For like A week after I recharge my decoder more than 10 channels not showing complain no signal and hv adjust the antenna something, most of the station I like to watch that not shown, I dnt enjoy it atall and so annoyed.

  18. Pls I subscribed with 1200 still can’t view novela E1 and AMC movies, as a matter of urgency I wanna know why, if it can’t be resolve. Card number-0202776936.

    1. Av recharged my decoder for d past 3 days now and no display. All I see on the screen is smart card error! Please assist to rectify the problem. Av also tried to reach ur customer service centre and no one is card 02110869026

  19. Mr waliu Oladele I recharge from my bank account there are already Debited me my account on startime is not credited me my smart card number 02110488787 my phone number 08069485516 thanks

  20. I have just recharged my decorder and am seeing nothing please i frustrated about the service pliz help
    DECODER NO:01801455590-COMBO
    SERIAL NO:128632816365866380

  21. startimes please check the network connection of my decoder for the past four days chanels 53,54,18 and some others indicate no signal while others function perfectly. account number is 02101999131

  22. I paid for subscription 1200 but up till now nothing is showing on my tv . My star time 02027006098

  23. how to change my phone number that i activated ny decoder

  24. I want to know how to change my phone number that I registered with my decoder

  25. Auwal Muhammad nguru

    Morning , Please I recharge my decoder last weeks on 9th June 2017 with amount 1200 but now the decoder show me that (This channels to basic bouquet please recharge) I don’t no why? Smart number 01467397134

  26. I made 1200 startimes payment using online banking but my decoder is still showing me no access and it is not subscribed my card number is 02110418608

  27. Pls I recharge my decoder last month from my bank account with 3 month subscriptions of 1200 but to my surprise the decoder has stop showing since last night telling me my subscription has expire n have been calling the customer care line but not responsible. My card no is 01467455753

  28. pls have recharge my startimes from my account since and it not still showing what is the problem this is the smart card code 02146559816 pls do this thing my children are complaining

  29. I subscribed on 18th of June the amount of #600 and it just ended today which is not up to a month. pls help me to find solution to that.

  30. Hello, I just recharged my startimes, I expect it comes up without delay. Kindly assist. Acct no. 02145679956.

  31. Dear Customer care,
    i have recharged since yesterday @N3700 for the full package,just to be told is N3800 now and no mail was sent to me of any kind, i was told to told to email you,but this is the only format am able to get.
    the Acct no. is 01831082789, is a tv decoder, what do i do ?

  32. i made payment since 23 JULY i have not enjoy any programme even the free the 14 days free that started 31 st july . may payment Details is
    Amount: ₦ 500.00
    Surcharge: ₦ 100.00
    Customer Name: ASEMOSA MR
    Payment Date: 7/23/2017 12:50:56 PM
    Transaction Type: Bill Payment
    Bank: Zenith Bank International
    Transaction Reference: 888815065427
    my decoder number is 02027554070
    Payment Reference No: ZIB|Web|3nqt0001|STIM|230717125056|VPCDXR8Fment detail is as followes.

  33. Imake payment of 1200 through my umobile but no access pls help me rectify the problem. This is my card number

  34. I recharged my star times decoder with basic bouquet of NGN1200 with my Skye bank mobile. I was debited and it was acknowledged successful but my channels ain’t coming up. I waited for hours before I called customer service twice all to no avail. My contact is 08038758525 with smart card no. 01467116323, I want to get to the bottom of this.

  35. I was in Adamawa before but now i migrated to Gombe but my startimes is not working at all. my smart card number is 02146294018, please rectify the problem

    1. Have you tried some resetting?

  36. I just made payment of 3k for my star time decoder 01831539682

    Ahmed a Tonga

  37. Want to buy startimes decoder want to know how to locate your office at asaba

  38. i have smart card error problem with my decoder, this is the smart card no: 02110974892, pls help me rectify it.

  39. It my great pleasure to put down my short comment about this media not against them but I created them for good work, and I say keep up the good work.
    Also, has I return from church yesterday I release that I had a call from your center.
    Please can I have the call so I may know what it all about, thanks.
    The number I was called with is 08150188888 I try to call back but it didn’t go through.
    Thanks for your understanding

  40. you guys should please return my signal. could not watch anything even the guide TV is off. this is very upsetting My Smart card number is. 02146237675

  41. renewed since 26/10/2017 but still connected to free to air stations.Pls help out. my decoder nos are 02146047659

  42. I subscribe through my gtb account since 6:00am yesterday and the stations are not coming up decoder no is 02145833585 please Ooooo credit our account you people are becoming so unbearable

  43. My name is Sandra, I don’t know why my decoder has refused to work afterwards subscription, its not showing anything, but if my subscription is exhausted it will notify me that I need to subscribe. Star times na beg I dey beg ooooo.rectify the problem.

  44. i want to use this opportunity so say that that startimes has not been trying at all. what will will take the management of this enterprise to notify their subscribers that i new package of subscription is on board. now i subscribed for two week within one week the subscription disappear and on getting to the outlet where i made payment i was told the enterprise now has a new package. i dont think this good enough.

  45. Emem Emmanuel Nkanga

    Please ,since September I can’t recharge my STARTIME through my bank account, which is FIDELITY bank in UYO. When I try to recharge, the will say the can not verify my STARTIME smart no, which is 02146074958.please kindly do the problem for me.

  46. hi, i subscride last week for week for NOVA 1 MONTH and today on 19th of jan it stopped working
    card no 01467368008

  47. hi, i subscribed last week for week for NOVA 1 MONTH and today on 19th of jan it stopped working
    card no 01467368008

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