Some Nigerians Filling Cway Classic Water Bottle With Pomp & Gutter water to resell (See Photo)

This act is very irritative, People now waste money buying ordinary dirty pomp water thinking it either Cway bottle classic water. On photo shows clearly how some angry Nigerians went filling Cways Classic water bottle with pomp water and some others with a water which look just like one of a river or gutter even.


This photo get to us early yesterday from a source who happened to get it from Facebook. According to the source she wrote us saying,

Please help publish this evil act of Some Nigerians giving people dirty water which later lead to sickness all because of buying Cway classic water, I got this on my wall this morning where someone who where on this business expose this photo of them feeling Cway classic bottle water with pomp water to resell as a little price lower than original price of Cway, According to the him who expose the photo he mentioned there is no physical appearance that could easily detect the water not to be from Cway company because of how they repackage it. According to him they bought as much as many as Cway water bottles which the use for their business, He mentioned how they dispose it to their retailers customers for the little price cheaper than original cway.

This is the sound a clear warning to people buying such water to be much extremely careful that they are buying from the right retailers not just road side sellers. Also try to have a good look at the bottle neatness in other to avoid stories that touch.

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