How to Sell Your Car Quick / Faster in Nigeria

sell your car quick in Nigeria

At a point one will have reason to sell his/her car either for another one of for other reasons well-known to the person. Be it new car, Nigeria used or tokunbo, what ever it is, this post focus to guide you how you can sell your car quick in Nigeria without a little no help of anyone.

sell your car quick in Nigeria

There are so many ways to sell your car in Nigeria, mostly now that internet has become very wide. Selling a car has been made easy as never before. We would have based the focus of this post only on online method but to be rest assured those with no good internet usage skill benefits from the idea as well, it going to be general means of selling cars.

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Be it a used car or new, use the below step to get customer to buy you vehicle.

Post it for Sell on is an online market place were both local and international dealers sell their products services. The platform focus mainly on Nigeria.  If your price is affordable and considered fair enough, it won’t be up to a day to have your vehicle sell out.

How to sell your car on

Selling your car on is free and very easy.

  • Visit
  • Click on login/register at the top
  • After registration they will require you to verify your account with you email. All you need to do is login your email address which you used and click the mail from doros and click verify.
  • After verification you be giving full access to login and start selling your product.
  • Go to the vehicles/cars section and post new item. You may be required to select country and some other important details.
  • Make sure you enter good information about the car, such as the condition, year, mileage, etc. Include your address and phone number then click post.
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Your post maybe be on moderation for some minute or hours to be sure you are a legit seller.

Tips: We have found that if your product price is cheap, doros247 will promote your ad to their front page for free which enables better and faster sales.

ThIs idea is good for people with Internet skills. You can ask someone to help you post your car for sale on doros247 if you have no good internet skill.

Sell your car on

Olx is an online market place just as but the different is, doros247 is a market place made as forum, while olx is a classified website. Both of them are easy to use and has good visitors who are looking for item to buy and they are free to use.

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How to sell your car on olx

  • Visit, click register and complete the registration process.
  • Click post ad.
  • Select cat listing category
  • Put your car details and your personal contact details as well then upload the car photos and click post. sell your car quick in Nigeria

Make sure your price is friendly if you really want to sell quick.

Sell out car on

Jiji is one of the most popular classifieds website in Nigeria. The only problem with jiji is that it full with spammers and scammers so one have to be extremely careful while selling or buying on Selling your item on jiji could be easy if you are going to take their premium service which is paid service.

How to sell your car on jiji

  • Visit and click register
  • After registration click post new ad.
  • Enter your car details and upload it photos
  • Fill all the required field and post ad.
  • It will take 3 – 4 hours for jiji to approve your ad.

If you need faster sales you will have no other option than to use their paid ad service which will cost N4000 – N6000 Naira.

How to sell your car without any stress in Nigeria.

As stated earlier, this post will consist of idea to sell your car without having good internet skill.

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The easiest way to sell your car if you don’t want to undergo any stress is to let experts handle the stress for you. It cool that you for a small fee or commission. You will get buyer for your car within 4 to 6 hours if your car price is affordable.

There are so many car selling experts in Nigeria that can help you handle the process of selling your car without any stress.  The good thing is that your car will still remain with you while the experts is looking for a buyer for you. All that is required of you is the photos and details of the car and your address where the buyer can locate you.

As mentioned there are many social media marketing company experts that will handle thE service for you however informationhood has put a service together that can help you sell your car were ever your are for a very flat rate. Contact 08059844173 if you want us to help you look for a customer ro buy your car.

Another way of selling your car is by post car for sale on it with your number writing on it. Though this process takes some time, with time you will get a buyer for your car.

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