See Why Your GOTV Subscription is Still not Working & How to Fix

One of the problem people encounter with GOTV is them paying their subscription but still the decoder will not show or may just show some few station. On this article i want to show you a quick solution to this and how to have the issue solve if it should happen again.

See Why Your GOTV Subscription is Still not Working & How to Fix

gotv subscription not working

Sometime ago i paid my GOTV subscription and was expecting it to work in few hours time, i waited for a whole day and nothing happen, this time it still showing me that I’m out of monthly subscription. i tried several things i know about including resetting my Gotv by clearing the error code, i even went as far as checking my GOTV activation and installation process to be sure nothing has gone wrong. It was really annoying so i have to call GOTV customer care here. I explained to them what I’m going through and below was the solution given me. Before i proceed to how to have the issue solve i will want to show you some reasons why your GOTV may have refuse to show up after the monthly payment is

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Why Your Gotv Subscription is Not Working

  1. Change of subscription plan ( Often The Main Reason )
  2. Have’t clear the error using the error code ( You can learn how to do that here )
  3. Mistake in subscription ( Such as when you make mistake with IUC number)

How to Fix Gotv Subscription not working 

This the reasons why your subscription for GOTV couldn’t have been working. The very first one is when you change subscription plan to another, for example you where on the N1800 plan and decide going for a higher plan. After this subscribing to the new plan, your gotv will not work. At this point you will need to contact GOTV customer care on their phone number that you will find here before it can work. You will need to tell them that you made a change of plan.

Another reason your subscription may not work is when you run into any of the error which is rare but sometimes you may need to clear the error after renewal of your monthly subscription sometimes. You can learn how to do clear error using the error code here.

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Another reason could be that you have subscribe someone else decoder in the process due to the mistake of entering a wrong IUC number. So many people on the gotv online support have been complaining on how they entered into a wrong uic number and they have been unable to transfer the subscription to theirs. It’s very important to take you time to go over and over again on you IUC number to be sure it’s correct before proceeding with making payment.

Though i don’t know how this can be resolved but i think contacting GOTV customer care here will be of so much help to you if this is your case, however if none of this solves the problem then feel free to drop your problem on the GOTV support page on informationhood for expert assistant.

This are some of the reason why your gotv subscription is still not working. I hope this article is helpful. Thanks, for your time here, you can drop your comment below if you have further question relating to GOTV.


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