See The Strange Animal Killed In Asaba Delta State (Photos)

A strange animal said to be wild African civets had been nocked down by locals in A saba Delta state. This happened just at the back of Ibori Golf Club In Asaba.

Civet killed in Nigeria

As you can see in the photo, the animal have skin color more like the cat family.

Without time wasting two of killed nocturnal animal had been butchered for food by the locals.

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  1. Gift

    Naija, nothing they will not eat. Angry citizens

  2. Femi

    Pepper soup things, what a heartless country.

    1. Karma

      this is how they will eat bad illnesses from animals. People when dey eat Dogs and monkey wetin dem no fit eat?

    2. Viano

      Animal is for food naturally so i don’t know what you are talking about.

  3. Anita

    It could be better if this animal is sent to zoo since it’s a wild animal and rare to find. God help us.

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