See the Danger of Bleaching and Mixing of Creams in Nigeria

For no reasons people started hating their original colors and urge to get the fair skin that doesn’t give money or anything serious. Some people think they are more beautiful when they bleach and seem to be more attractive to men. Hmm na wah oh.

face damages caused by missing of creams

Well the warning will not stop coming. If you refuse to learn from people calamity then someone may learn from yours someday. There are so many reason to stay off bleaching because the danger in it is huge than it accommodation.

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Bleaching doesn’t make you look more beautiful,  if you are ugly that it, it’s not because you are not fair in complexion or because you are black. Don’t go and kill yourself by yourself and still die just as my friend use to say. Abeg stay of bleaching. Black is beautiful, just maintain your skin. Get the right soap and cream for your skin and you will shine out like the lovely morning sun. If you want good cream that will make you color shine out, then check here. If you want a soap that will make your skin smooth then check here. Stop Bleaching Stop Bleaching, Stop Bleaching. See what bleaching has caused this woman on the photo. I wonder who she could be bleaching to impress.

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face damages caused by missing of creams


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  1. Opeyemi

    She has a boyfriend opposite my street. Maybe that was her reason for the bleaching.

    1. paul

      Comment:if she even have boyfriend that don’t mean she s going to bleach her face

  2. Tunde

    Eyah…. Sorry oh but to be sincere I don’t use to like ladies that bleaches oh because their skin always have dirty color. Like their kneel, ankle and Chicks. I no blame her chaa. This is what Buhari made of the country.

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