See Prophet Mboro Who Claim He Went To Heaven And Took Selfie With Angels


Since i saw this, i can’t just stop laughing at this thief who called himself prophet. Could it be that this man has a mental disorder?

I suggest this man should go and see a psychiatrist. Or in other thought this is a way he want use to attract attention and become world famous Eisch!! Or even he is an agent of darkness sent in a human form i think.

The Word Of God
The heart of men is full of evil and entitled to destruction, except for those whose heart is for God. Check your ways now.

According to buzzsouthafrica Prophet Mboro was about to start his sermon during an Easter service in Johannesburg South Africa when an unusual light flooded the gathering and allegedly transported him to God’s kingdom. He was however said to have ascended with his smart phone This made him to take snap shots of heaven and angels living in it. A senior member of the Church equated Mboro to biblical Elijah asserting that the uncommon happening is a kind gesture towards Prophet Mboro for being a honest servant.

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Funny right? if i should ask what did he went there to do? was it only selfie he went there to take? This guy is really mentally ill.



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BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the church, Incredible Happenings Ministries, told Katlehong Weekly that the pictures will be made available to the public on the prophet’s Facebook page later next week.



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”For now, the pastor said only the people who pay R5 000 pledge will have access to the photo. He said people who need the pictures can contact the church and make the pledge using Money Market then then the church will send them the pictures on WhatsApp.”

Informationhood comment It either this man  is mentally sick or he is devil sent. nobody should believe this thief. He definitely need a dirty slap to wake his brain.

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  1. The world is at it end state. This is what Jesus has revealed to us that will happen when the world is about to end.

  2. So people go with their phone to heaven? How about angels there hope they have phone also? @informationhood This man really need slap.

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