See How Cheating Can Destroy Your Happy Relationship Easily – Read This

If you have someone that truly love you and you don’t know how to appreciate it and then decided to cheat on such person than you are gone before you even came. Life is difficult to understands but easy to learn to avoid mistakes.

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I won’t want to tell you what motivated me into writing this article but the fact is that cheating is a dangerous weapon that fight hard against happy relationship. As for someone like me, i have gone through this before and one of the thing that i find most is that those who cheat are not willing to cheat or because they don’t love their spouse but something that is called the unknown went through their heart. I would call this the spirit of the devil. Well today i will want to point it straight to those that have been cheating that there is nothing you are going to say. You are the one who gave the spirit the chance to come into you and i doubt that the spirit has left you.

Immediately you fail to keep someone heart safe, then yo are nothing but an enemy to that person. Imagine you been an enemy to you spouse because you are cheating. One of the major reason why some ladies and men cheat is not because they can’t control their sexual urges but because of beauty and handsome. How mush handsome is the guy and how beautiful that lady is. Now let me quickly warn you, if you know that you have not find the one as beautiful or handsome as you wan’t then better don’t marry yet. Abeg wait for that most handsome guy to come and for the men, please wait for that most beautiful lady to come or to be born. Stop hurting someones heart and feelings.

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In the case you don’t know, if you have cheated on your husband or wife and him or her is aware of it, sorry you have damage your relationship or home because there is no trust anymore and the love there has broken and he/she can walk away at anytime they find someone that they feel that cherish and care about their feelings. Sad you don’t know my mind and i don’t know yours so you can’t even tell what i’m thinking right in my mind.

You spouse won’t trust you anymore and wouldn’t want to trust you when similar thing is about to happen. They may just want to live life with you but the fact is that you have hindrance the love there and you guys are managing without love. Don’t forget that experience can never be forgotten till human dies.

For some of us that are still young that are hoping to go into serious relationship, please take a good look at him/her and make a decision if he/she is handsome and beautiful enough for you to get serious with. If you answer is yes then go in with joy and forget every other guy and lady or else you won’t enjoy there as you planned to. For some of you who have hurt your wife or husband. The truth is that you need good amount of prayers and as well willing changes because you have just betrayed the love between both of you for which reason you have killed the trust of the relationship and infringe internal pain on your spouse. He or she may forgive you because they truly loved you and still want to be with you but repeating this again could be a case you may not escape from because a day may come that he or she may find someone that they feel better with and let you go.


As for some people it will always hurt them when they think about this, which can hurt them all the days of their lives if they should live life with your and for this reason they would want to just let you go so they find a new life. Be careful not to hurt any partner that truly love you. When you get into relation, please stay away from other lovers and keep your self clean and pure, faithful and truthful to that person that is spending his/her time to love and care for you.

I have seen men  and ladies who cheap on their spouse for no reason. All because they want to flaunt around or because they find someone who they think is more romantic on social media. Someone who call them sweet names and that on facebook and on the call. The truth is that, anyone who knows you are married and still want to go along with you, especially those meant on social medias are nothing but they only want your body or money. They don’t love you and you can foolishly destroy you happy relationship with it. It doesn’t really have to be only when you are married. Be wise or you will loose someone who truly love you for that crazy pretty , handsome, beautiful useless jack.

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This is my little words regarding loving and cheating. The bottom line of it is that some guys, men or women who cheats, truly love their man or woman but they have that silly spirit of having multiple sex partner, testing every handsome man or beautiful lady. If you still love him/her, forgive and forget though it’s difficult. And if you are the cheating one, hmm i already petty for you because if you don’t stop now, soon now or latter he/she will dislike you fully and you will find no joy in that person you are snicking with because that person will cheat on you with someone else if you should get him/her serious. Don’t forget that God himself hate that act and could allow calamity before you in future for you wicked attitude of the past.


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