See Hospitals That Treat Infection Diseases in Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Delta Nigeria

This post focus on hospital that treat infection all over Nigeria and how you can as well treat infection easily. Are you in search for hospitals that treat all kinds of infections and disease in Abuja Nigeria? On this article we be showing you some of the hospital in Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Delta that focus on treatment infection and disease treatment.

There are so many infection and disease that can cause great harm to the body and some of this infection can be treated, they may not be dangerous immediately but as time goes they become. Some infections can destroy important area of the body if left untreated, so it important to have your regular checkup and to visit the hospital immediately you suspected infection disease in you.

Treat Infection

See Hospitals That Treat Infection Diseases in Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Delta Nigeria

There are so many kind of infections that affect humans and most of them are contactable through sex and other means of blood exchange, some can be contactable through body contact, robbing body with someone engage in sweat. Some of the infection are very reactive in women body that men, the most fearful part of infection is that they mostly target the most important part of human which are, Liver, Heart, Kidney, Uterus, Sperm, Immune System, Digestive System. When any of this mentioned body part is affected by infection virus it become a big deal to that person.

According to research, the woman body is more open to infections than that of a man body, which means a woman have a higher risk of contacting infection than a man, this is because The urethra is shorter in women than in guys, and it is toward the anus, making it much more likely that bacteria are transferred to the bladder.. One of the most common infection in Nigeria today is Urinary tract infections. This is an infection that often occur in the blander or urethra, and when this infection if left untreated it then affects the kidney and when still left untreated it can then lead to blockage of the Fallopian tube which can cause ectopic pregnancy in woman why in men it can affect the sperm which could also lead to unable to in-pregnant woman when the sperm has been destroy. The symptoms of this infection include pelvic pain, stomach discomfort, increased urge to urinate, pain with urination and blood in the urine. When it affect the kidney the symptoms become worst which may include back pain, nausea, vomiting and fever.

Urinary tract infection can be treated with strong antibiotics which we have writing before now. See list of antibiotic you can use to treat urinary tract infections here.

For the reason that you need close monitory when treating infections and as well want to confirm which kind of infection you are suffering from, we are going to provide you with some hospitals you can visit if you are in Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Delta and some other states of Nigeria.

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Hospitals To Treat Infections In Abuja

There are so many hospitals to treat infections in Abuja, the best thing to do is to meet with your registered hospital or doctor to explain your symptoms so they can have you checked up. In the case that you are not registered to any hospital and didn’t have a doctor yet, you can visit the below listed hospital to have some checkup done. Note that the fee of the below listed hospitals might be expensive but also have in mind that no amount worth your life and good health.


This is one of the best specialist hospital in Abuja that as well treat disease and all kinds of infections. Primus Super Specialty Hospital is a state of the artwork institute of Specialized surgery with ease located in the coronary heart of Nigeria’s capital, Abuja.

Address: The Primus International Super Specialty Hospital is located at, Karu New Extension
Abuja, Nigeria.

Contact Phone Numbers: Their contact numbers are, +234 81-277-777-51 or +234 81-277-777-52


kelina Hospital

Here is another hospital that can handle treatment of infections and other diseases for you in Abuja. Kelina Hospital is a rising centre of excellence in clinical and surgical care placed in Abuja FCT, Nigeria. It was established as a personal group within the tradition of the arena’s pleasant hospitals, Kelina aims for the very best standards in patient care and surgical knowledge nationally and global.
The venture of Kelina Hospital is to promote, preserve, and restore individual and own family fitness through supplying expert medical and surgical care within a revolutionary and dignified environment. Their control and body of workers are devoted to usually accumulate and observe the maximum modern information and technical abilities inside the remedy of their health sufferers, and they try this with the maximum admire for the consideration and privateness of each man or woman.

The hospital can as well run test, checkup and treat infection if they discover you are suffering from infection or diseases.

Address: 123, Third Avenue, Gwarinpa, Abuja, Nigeria

Contact Phone Numbers: 08033644644 or 08129908324


Nisa Premier Hospital

You can treat infections and all kinds of diseases in the hospital. They have well qualified doctors that have the new model treatment skill. If you suspect any infection in you, you should try all possibility to get to this hospital for checkup and treatment.

Nisa Premier Hospital was founded in 1996 by way of Dr. Ibrahim Wada, an internationally acclaimed Gynaecologist and fertility expert. The sanatorium began in a 3 bedroom flat in Gwagwalada, a satellite city in the FCT with simply eight beds. Sixteen years later, Nisa health center is housed in 3 storey building complex with cutting-edge health center fittings of worldwide standards and over 50 beds for in-patients alone.The medical institution gives first elegance offerings to its sufferers and off shore facilities for its worldwide partners operating in Nigeria.

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Address: The hospital is located at 15/21 Alex Ekwueme Way, Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria

Phone Number:  0817429999



Best Hospitals To Treat Infections / Diseases in Lagos

As you may have known already, Lagos is one of the most populated state in Nigeria, getting different kind of infections in Lagos is much more common than other states of Nigeria, that is why this Lagos have the best treatment hospitals so far. Below are some top infections/disease treating hospital in Lagos state.

General Hospital in Lagos State

Lagos state general hospitals are the best in Nigeria, The best place to consider if you suspect any kind of medical issues is the General hospital. The good thing is that general hospitals is located every community of Lagos so it very easy to go for checkup. Lagos state general hospitals has the best treatment facilities and consist of experts, aside that treatment cost in general hospital is optimized to be effective and affordable by the poor and rich. There is the general hospital in any location of Lagos you are located. If you suspect infection, go straight to any general hospital to note your complaint.

St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos

This is one of the best hospitals in Lagos according to Tolet Nigeria research, the hospital has newest technology for treatment. Aside infection disease, the hospital is responsible for treating all kinds of illnesses. If you can afford the fee of this hospital, it worth visiting for all your major checkups and treatments. The handle infection disease treatment so serious. According to our research, we find out that St. Nicholas Hospital is a private health center positioned in Lagos Island of Lagos state, Nigeria. It became based in 1968 through Moses Majekodunmi. The hospital is in a constructing of the equal call positioned at fifty-seven Campbell Street close to Catholic Mission Street.

Address: 57 Campbell St, Lagos Island, Lagos

Phone Number:  0802 290 8484

Bankole Medical Centre

This is a professional specialist private hospital in Agege, the hospital focus treatment on any kind of ailments which includes infection disease. If you are around Agege area of Lagos state and looking for where to get treatment or checkup for infections then use the address and number below to locate this hospital.

Address: 3, Ajigbotinu St, Agege Lagos

Phone Number: 0803 301 6630

Some other hospital in Lagos that as well handle infection disease treatment.

May Flower Clinics Hospital

Category: Doctors, Hospitals
Contact Person: Dr Okorejior K. Edison
Address: 43 ,College Road, Ifako, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone Number: 08023199616

Bankole Medical Centre

Category: Child Specialist / Paediatrics, Healthcare, Hospitals
Address: 3 ,Ajigbotinu,Agege , , Pero, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria
Lanmark: Close To Guiness Nigeria Plc
Email: Drtbants@Yahoo.Com

Phone Number: 08033016630

Infection Treatment Hospitals in Ibadan

Molly Specialist Hospital

This is a private hospital in Ibadan that can handle all kinds of infection diseases, if you reside in Ibadan and noticing infection symptoms then it of good act to visit the hospital for medical checkup and adequate treatment.
Address: Agodi GRA, Opposite Nickdel Private School, Ibadan
Phone Numbe: 0807 674 8330

Banby Specialist Hospital 

This is another good hospital that as well handle infection disease treatment. What ever health issue you think you are having, it advisable you check at this hospital for some checkup and accurate treatment.

Address: 0705 679 6161

Avon Healthcare Felewa Hospital

Avon Healthcare Felewa Hospital can as well handle infection disease effectively, if you are close to this hospital it will be of good to visit the hospital for checkup and treatment if any possibility you are infected with any disease.

Address: SW 8/ 442, College Crescent Oke Ado, 200254, Ibadan

Phone Number: 0805 646 3893

Hospitals That Treat Infection Disease In Delta State

infections if one of the most troubling ailment people go though in Nigeria. Malaria, Typhoid, Toilet infections, sexual infections and so on. There are many hospitals that handle treatment of all kinds of infections in Delta. Below are some we are able to cover on this post.

General Hospital

As we have always advice right from the beginning of the post, it important to first consider the general hospital for medical care. General Hospital is the most cost-effective and professionals center.

Capitol Hill Clinic/ Hospital, Warri

Capitol Hill Clinic/ Hospital in Warri Delta state is one of the best clinic in Delta state. The hospital handle all kinds of illnesses and able of treating any kind of infection diseases. Though this hospital fee is expensive, if you have money it worth considering for all your medical treatment because they have good and latest technology equipment.

Address: 38B, Ranyo’s Place, 2 Omamofe Sillo Street Airport Road,, Warri 332211, Warri

Phone Number: 0803 410 5481

Lily Clinic and Hospital

Address: Effurun GRA, Warri

Phone Number: 0906 245 7091

This is all we are able to cover on this topic “See Hospitals That Treat Infection Diseases in Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Delta Nigeria”. Note that almost every hospital/clinic can be able to treat infection disease easily. You must not wait or want to go for only the listed hospital on this post. If you suspect infection in you then quickly go to the nearest hospital around you and have it treated.


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