Save your money through digital ALAT goals in wema bank

About 13,267 people have been able to save 7 billion naira having an average monthly saving of 1 billion naira due to WEMA bank place digital ALAT goals that was launched a year ago.


Wema bank discovered that insufficient income was not the greatest draw back to effective saving, During the statement in  announcing the outcome of a survey on saving in Nigeria carried out by ALAT, the bank said that many Nigerians do not no how to save and most of them lack discipline towards saving.

The statement read in part: “Understanding this, ALAT unveiled a bouquet of saving called GOALS . This options helps one to  instill discipline and also rewarding to he person  for reaching his or her savings milestones. There are three categories  involved in saving goals.


The Fixed Goal:  This type of GOAL serves those  people who areare seek a strict savings plan.

Flexi Goal:  This set of GOALS are for those in need of a not-too-rigid plan

Stash GOAL: This is the type of GOAL  which caters to those seeking a rewarding  for a short-t savings option.

As a family or as friend you could team up as a group and save towards a particular GOAL through group target savings. You can also use the rotating Group Savings  which is popularly known as Esusu, you  earn a 10 per cent annual interest – three times the standard bank rate.

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Visit wema bank to know more about the digital ALAT GOAL.


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